Challenges in the lubrication of equipment in pulp and paper industry

Challenges in the lubrication of equipment in pulp and paper industry

Despite forecasts and the fact that modern technologies increasingly involve the use of smart devices instead of printed materials, the need for paper did not cease to exist. Thus, in the pulp and paper manufacturing industry, the need to streamline all processes and optimize production and maintenance costs increases more and more in order to keep up with current market needs.

Lowering costs and meeting environmental requirements are the biggest challenges of this industry. Besides these two goals, there are some major challenges related to the proper lubrication of the equipment used.

Effective lubrication of the equipment in pulp and paper industry

Costs decrease when the maintenance of the equipment used for the production of paper and pulp is performed correctly. The lubrication of the equipment is an essential component in this maintenance process, so to perform a correct and truly effective lubrication you must consider potential contamination factors, such as:

  • Water (in particular in form of steam)
  • Dust/debris
  • Other contaminants (chemicals present in different materials)

These elements can affect the production itself and the durability of the lubricant used for maintaining the equipment. The negative effects of these challenges, on which you can read more below, can be avoided if the maintenance is performed on time and attentively.

  • Challenge #1

    The main challenge you may face is the bearings’ contact with water. When the lubricant does not have the right viscosity or density, the water will reach the bearings, causing damage and downtime in production. To avoid such incidents, use the Mobil SHC lubricants that, due to their chemical stability, form a barrier against contamination with water.

  • Challenge #2

    The period of time between lubrications is also a challenge that can give you great headaches. It is very important to monitor and perform the maintenance actions based on a calendar for lubrication.

    Adapting the maintenance intervals is useful and should be done in every pulp and paper mill. Equipment is used differently, at a speed and for a duration that are different from one factory to another, which is why maintenance parameters must be adapted to the working style of each unit.

  • Challenge #3

    Using too much lubricant is the third challenge that you might face. Wishing to avoid damage, rust and premature wear of the equipment, there is a general tendency to use too much lubricant. This behavior leads to an excessive greasing of the equipment, increased costs, inability to save lubricant, and even more importantly, the loss of large quantities of lubricant.

    To use the right amount, you should consult the instruction book of each type of equipment and always use special equipment for lubrication, such as grease guns.

  • Challenge #4

    Modern equipment used in the materials drying phase operate at very high temperatures, and when the isolation of the bearings is not performed properly, faults may occur frequently. To avoid them, always choose synthetic lubricants with stable properties at high temperatures.

  • Challenge #5

    Choosing the right lubricant can be a tough decision. The market offers a lot of product variants, but not all meet the requirements mentioned above. If you want to make a choice that ensures the equipment’s durability and the production’s streamlining, you can choose between the following products, depending on the type of equipment and its need:

    • Mobil SHC PM
    • Mobil DTE PM
    • Mobil DTE 10 Excel
    • Mobilgear 600 XP
    • Mobil SHC 600
    • Mobilith SHC PM

The products from the Mobil range, designed for the pulp and paper industry, provide high performance for the equipment and lower maintenance costs due to the reduction of the necessary oil change intervals.

If you are not sure what kind of lubricants are suitable for the equipment you use or if you simply want to find out more details on the lubricants for the pulp and paper industry, click on the image below to contact the Star Lubricants team and benefit from the support of a specialized representative.