Car Grease - Mobil Commercial Greases

What is car grease?

Car grease represents a key element in protecting the mechanisms of any vehicle. It is different from car oil because its consistency, its main feature being the protection of equipment needing greasing for the wear resulting from friction.

Where to use car grease?

Some parts of the car such as bearings, joints and hinges require additional protection. Car grease does not allow sticking and squashing, thus preventing premature wear of parts. In addition, a high quality car grease will protect the car from moisture and corrosion.

How to choose the best car grease?

Given the importance of grease for car maintenance, there is a wide range of greases. You can choose depending on the composition of the greases (greases with lithium, calcium, calcium graphite) or on their viscosity.

The Star Lubricants team offers you the following high performance Mobil greases, which provide high stability against oxidation and moisture as well as excellent protection against corrosion and flow features, even at very low temperatures.

  • Mobil Chassis Grease LBZ
  • Mobilgrease XHP 222 Special

Click on the image below to request more information about the Mobil car greases. A Star Lubricants representative will answer your questions and help you make the best choice for your car.