Safety tips for using grease guns

Safety tips for using grease guns

Those who work in a workshop, a factory or in a place where is used an equipment requiring the use of greases for a regular lubrication know how important the use of grease guns is. This tool is common in such places due to its ability to apply different types of greases in the most inaccessible places of machines and equipment.

Whether we are talking about manual guns or air pistols, both categories are useful in the everyday work of the employees responsible for equipment maintenance, but they must be used very carefully. The risk of injury is very high when using these tools because of the injuries they can cause.

Because employee safety is a priority in any field, it is important to keep in mind a few safety tips to apply in environments grease guns and grease pumps are used. Here is what you can do to avoid any danger:

1. Employee training - the fact that a person has already used manual grease guns before does not give you the guarantee that this person will not get hurt during the activity they perform in their current workplace. Grease guns models are different, and their operation mode may be more difficult in some cases.

It is therefore recommended that each employee be trained and assisted in the process of familiarization with the tools they will use, whether they are air grease pumps or electric grease pumps. Training should take place regularly, especially when new tools are purchased.

2. Prevention of potential dangers - a proactive behavior can save you both from dangers in the workplace and from unnecessary investments. To prevent hazards in spaces where employees work with grease guns, you can make a short inspection through which you can detect potential faults thereof. For example, if the light in a room is too low, make sure that this will be remedied right away and that it does not endanger the employees’ safety.

Always make sure that the workspace and the tools are well organized and clean in order to prevent more easily any possible accidents at work. If the tools buttons are covered by dirty or if the grease nipples are incompatible with the guns used, the risk of an employee being injured increases significantly.

3. Proper and safe operation of grease guns - grease guns should be used every time according to their instructions, to avoid any danger. A maximum level of safety can be achieved when using accessories specially designed for work safety.

In the case of grease guns, attachments for nipples and push-on injectors are recommended for a safe work environment. Also, the regular cleaning of these tools can reduce the risk of employee injury. Full attention is also required during the re-filling process. The power button must be set to ‘off’, the batteries must be removed from the gun and the head must be secured.

4. Use of high-quality lubricants - the work with high-performance greases, Vaseline or professional hydraulic oils reduces the frequency with which the machinery, the equipment and other tools must be lubricated. A high-quality lubricant, with the density, viscosity and concentration required for your needs will help you reduce the risk of injury, since manual grease guns will be used less frequently.

At first glance, the injuries caused by the grease guns injections seem superficial, but they can have serious consequences. Synthetic oils should be immediately removed from the body if they get under the skin, which is why it is necessary to see a doctor as soon as possible. Follow the above tips to avoid any risk and seek the opinion of a specialist who can advise you on first aid methods if an injury occurs in spite of the tips already mentioned.

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