The right lubricants - the Key for High Performance Industrial Equipment

The right lubricants - the Key for High Performance Industrial Equipment

The performance of industrial equipment depends, in most cases, on the level of maintenance and on the frequency of such activities. Nowadays, the natural evolution of society depends on many industries that could not survive without solid high-quality equipment. Therefore, it is important to perform the maintenance correctly and on a regular basis, this also helping to maximize the equipment's efficiency.

The achievement of these activities often requires oils or greases with properties that can help achieve a maximum performance. Another reason why the use of lubricants becomes essential is the extension of the operation life span of the equipment and the lowering of the costs required to purchase new equipment.

Over time, the giants of industry were faced with situations where they were forced to seek specialist advice in order to maximize the performance of their industrial equipment. The three case studies presented below show precisely how Mobil Industrial Lubricants, distributed in Romania by Star Lubricants, helped to increase equipment performance:

1. Annual savings of $60,000

The trust provided by an industrial equipment to the manufacturer may contribute to the final result of the production process. And this is what happened in the case of a Canadian manufacturer in the oil and gas extraction industry, which was operating under rigorous schedules.

It has been recommended to use the Mobil Pegasus 1 synthetic lubricant, designed to resist under extremely sensitive conditions. Being formulated from wax-free synthetic base oils and a balance additive system, Mobil Pegasus 1 has given the expected results.

Since the transition from a conventional lubricant to Mobil Pegasus 1, the company's managers reported that oil drain intervals have increased by more than 4000 hours. Due to the much lower quantity of lubricant needed by the manufacturer at the present, it saves up to $60,000 a year.

2. Productivity improved by 17%

The improvement of productivity is one of the ultimate goals of any industry because when the production is growing and effective, the profit is guaranteed. A Polish ceramic tiles manufacturer has seen how production can dramatically improve when using the right lubricants.

For the production of tiles, the manufacturer uses a press that operates under high pressure and under very high temperatures. For this reason, the formation of deposits and foam in the hydraulic system is almost inevitable.

At the engineers' recommendation, the manufacturer decided to replace the conventional lubricants with the Mobil SHC 525 lubricant in order to improve the functioning of the press during its operation under temperatures above 100 °C.

Shortly after, the manufacturer noticed that the oil and the filters used did not need to be changed so often, and that the hydraulic system was operating properly.

Based on the properties of Mobil SHC 525, the manufacturer has experienced a 17% improvement in productivity and a decrease in maintenance costs of up to 5,6 million dollars.

3. Improvement of life span by 250%

A long life span of equipment is something that every manufacturer wants, regardless of industry. The case of a steel producing company which comprises several industrial equipment fitted with gear spindles showed how great the need for use of quality lubricants is.

Normally, the gear spindles are grease lubricated. However, under severe operating conditions, greases tend to remove the oil and leave the surfaces un-lubricated. In this case, there were used lubricants with a life span of 9 months.

The recommendation to transition to the Mobil SHC 639 lubricant, a synthetic oil with high viscosity, was made due to its ability to maintain its properties under extreme operating conditions. After 32 months since starting to use the lubricant, the manufacturer has reported the life span of the spindles increased by 250% and no damage. Thus, approximately 1 million euro were saved in terms of maintenance costs.

The above case studies show the importance of the Mobil lubricants in the improvement of industrial equipment lifespan and performance. To receive a recommendation that can help you get similar results, click on the image below and request a customized offer from the Star Lubricants agents.

* The results presented in this material is based on the particular experience of customers. They may vary depending upon the type of equipment used and its maintenance, operating conditions and environment, and any prior lubricant used.