How to ensure company sustainability and employee safety

How to ensure company sustainability and employee safety

Equipment sustainability and employee safety are elements that may contribute to an effective daily industrial activity, without unpleasant events. In order to adapt the work mode to new standards, there is a set of activities that can be incorporated into the daily routine of any company.

For example, the regular and proper lubrication made with high-quality industrial lubricants suitable for the equipment's needs can increase their lifespan. Thus, the working environment becomes a sustainable one and equipment investments are much lower.

Regarding employee safety, a number of trainings can transform the work experience of any individual. Also, the use of resistant protective equipment is essential in high-risk industries like the oil and gas industry.

What can you do to increase employee safety?

The activity performed in an industrial environment is never 100% safe. Therefore, thorough training of people working in this environment and constant surveillance of the interaction between the employee and the industrial equipment must be a priority.

See below what you can do to make sure your employees work in a safe environment every day:

  • Prevent accidents at the work place by constantly wearing protective equipment
  • Implement a system to inform about all faults encountered during the daily routine
  • Set a standard time frame for the repair of technical malfunctions
  • Prioritize technical inspections and malfunctions repairs
  • Present the risks to which employees are subject when not complying with the safety regulations
  • Present real cases of accidents at the work place
  • Check elevation lifts and replace old elevation systems with modern ones

Sustainable equipment are a plus for employee safety

When it comes to sustainability and safety, ignoring technical equipment problems is a major risk for the employees' activity.

To make sure that the work within the industrial environment is carried out the way you want and that the equipment operation is impeccable, you should consider the following aspects:

1. Using oils and greases of high quality in order to maintain equipment reliability

To achieve your objective to work with reliable equipment, maintenance plays an essential role. Choosing a product from the Mobil industrial lubricants range suitable for the needs of the equipment you work with can spare you from avoidable investments.

Referring to experts in the field who can recommend you the best solution is the first step you should take when you want to change the lubricants are working with.

2. Choosing the right lubricant according to the equipment's needs

In general, the instruction book of each piece of equipment indicates its maintenance needs, which is why it should be easy to choose the perfect product.

Always opt for synthetic lubricants if you want a product that has a high viscosity index and a high resistance to fire. Thus, you will increase the necessary lubricants changing intervals, thereby reducing the number of employees' interventions in repair processes.

3. Implementing a system of predictive and proactive maintenance

Proactivity is the behavior that can help you prolong the equipment lifespan and ensure a safe environment for your employees. Such a system can lead to saving considerable amounts, usually spent on major repairs.

By regularly using the right lubricants, you can minimize the frequency of downtime by avoiding malfunctions. Adopting a preventive attitude and encouraging employees to report any observed abnormality can bring surprising results.

Such a maintenance system includes a close monitoring of the maintenance program, so you know exactly when it is time for a new action. See more details about the Star Lubricants' program on proactive and predictive maintenance, which can help you anticipate potential problems of industrial equipment and fix them in good time.