How to prepare your car for spring?

How to prepare your car for spring?

Spring cleaning is not just for your house or yard, but also for your car. Once winter has passed, there are some actions that are recommended to take in order to continue the maintenance process for your car even after winter.

Of course, the most convenient is to make a visit to the repair shop, but there are a few things you can do yourself, even if you do not necessarily have mechanical knowledge. See below what you should be paying attention to when it comes to preparing your car for spring, based on two important parameters:

  • I. Checking the engine

    The most important aspect in preparing the car for spring is to check the "heart" of your car – the engine. Considering this, you need to:

    • a. Check the fluids that are protecting the engine

      The engine oil change should be your priority if you have reached the limit of the interval between changes recommended by the manufacturer of your car. Do the same for the brake fluid.

      Moreover, since the spring brings periods of rain, make sure you have enough windshield fluid and keep a spare bottle in the trunk for situations when you run out of it when on the road.

    • b. Check the belts and the hose of the radiator

      Check that all belts are in good working condition. Pull them lightly, and if you feel that they are loose, urgently schedule a visit to the repair shop. Also, while the engine is hot, lightly compress the radiator hose, and if you feel that it is too soft, then it most likely needs to be replaced.

    • c. Check the spark plugs

      The optimal operation of the spark plugs is one of the main factors that can help you save fuel. Check that they are in good working condition and replace them if necessary. If you have no mechanical knowledge, it is best that this operation be performed by an authorized mechanic, so a visit to the repair shop can take a load off your mind.

    • d. Test the battery

      The cold weather during winter affects the car battery. If the battery is older than four years and you notice that it takes longer to start the engine, make a visit to the auto parts supplier to test the battery and, if necessary, replace it.

  • II. Checking the exterior

    Like the engine, the exterior of your car should also be ready for spring, and below you can find the main elements that you need to pay attention to.

    • a. The wipers

      Given the heavy weather conditions specific to winter, it is possible that the wipers blades are worn out. Make sure that they are doing their job at full capacity and replace them if necessary.

    • b. Signs of rust on the bodywork

      Make a visual inspection of the paint and if you notice any signs of rust, treat the problem immediately in order to avoid its expansion which can affect the body.

    • c. The tire pressure

      Checking tire pressure is an action to be performed constantly, so make sure it meets the manufacturer's recommendations.

    • d. The cleaning of the car

      Schedule a visit to the car wash to remove dirt accumulated during winter (salt and other anti-skid materials). Also, for your comfort, clean the car on the inside as well to remove salt or anti-skid materials.

Preparing the car for spring can save you a lot of headaches, especially since during this season the nice weather will make you want to travel more often. So follow the above tips and the maintenance of your car will provide safety every time you take the road. In addition, click here to see five things to consider before scheduling a visit to the repair shop for the spring inspection.