2 out of 3 consumers have managed to get fuel economy by using Mobil 1

2 out of 3 consumers have managed to get fuel economy by using Mobil 1

Fuel price is in a continual increase and this makes most drivers find ways to reduce the many visits to the pump. Please find below 5 things you need to bear in mind if you want to save big money when it comes to fuel consumption.

1. Tire Pressure

If you keep the right tire pressure for your car, you have the best chances to reduce fuel consumption. Make a periodic check of your tire pressure and make sure that the tires are well filled, especially before starting a long drive. In the car’s instruction book you will find information related to best tire pressure for your car. Don’t hesitate to check there, it can help you avoid some extra expenses.

2. Traffic Conditions

Adapting your driving style to the traffic conditions is essential especially in the city. When driving in the city, your car uses more fuel than when driving on national roads or highways. Speeding up and slowing down are more often because of the congested traffic. You can easily use less fuel if you let the car go in neutral instead of speeding up and then suddenly hitting the breaks at a traffic light whose color has turned red.

3. Car Speed

The bigger the speed, the more fuel your car uses. The car uses energy to move faster and this reflects in the fuel consumption. Moreover, the more the speed increases the more increase you will see in the fuel consumption. For instance, if you go over the speed limit on highways (130km/h) with 10km/h, you can see your car use up to 25% more fuel. So pay attention in the future and adapt your car speed to the limits required by law. This helps you reduce fuel consumption and can make you avoid a possible fine.

4. Shifting Gears

Another aspect that you need to have in mind, if your car works on a manual gear shift, is shifting gears from lower to higher. In order to drive more effectively it is recommended that you shift gears at 2000-2500 rpm. Thus you can save some money.

5. Mobil 1 Engine Oil

Using proper engine oil helps you maintain your car in a good working state for longer, but at the same time it helps you reduce fuel consumption.

According to a research made in the UK between the 1st of February and the 30th of April 2013, having 1103 Mobil 1 users, it was noticed that 2 out of 3 users have saved fuel while using Mobil 1 engine oil.

The Mobil 1 Lubricants is in the top products preferred by the largest engine manufacturers in the world. This is thanks to the fact that Mobil 1 lays weight on innovation and performance and constantly offers formulas to improve oils which meet the latest recommendations from the automobile manufacturers.

Given the fact that fuel price is expected to continue its growing course, if you apply the above suggestions you will manage to reduce fuel consumption while maintaining your engine at maximum performance.

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