5 things to keep in mind when scheduling a visit to the repair shop

5 things to keep in mind when scheduling a visit to the repair shop

It is said that spring is the season when most service checks are done, this is also due to the need to switch from winter to summer tires. Most drivers choose to schedule their visit to private repair shops, other than the ones from agencies for financial reasons.

Given the fact that agency repair shops have a set of severe rules and a well defined work hyerachy, the costs can indeed be higher. But choosing a repair shop does not need to be an option based exclusively on cost criteria, but on quality of service.

Please find below 5 things Star Lubricants recommend and that you need to take into consideration when you schedule your next visit to the repair shop.

1. Check that the repair shop is authorised by the Romanian Automotive Register (Registrul Auto Român) and it operates legally – thus you will make sure that it complies with the legally imposed standards and any possible ulterior problem or misunderstanding will be easily sorted.

2. Do you homework on rates beforehand – before leaving your car at the repair shop ask the hostler to perform a cost estimation of the service. This request does not imply any commitment from your part, but it will help you make an easier estimation of the repair costs.

Generally, the estimation must contain an exact description of the works to be made, a list of the required spare parts, the cost of the labour and the estimated time of the opertion. Once agreed, this estimation needs to be signed by the two parties, it can be transformed into a service contract.

3. Ask for two expert opinions –if you are not sure about the ”diagnosis” the hostler made for your car, it is best that you seek another opinion. It is possible that for various reasons you are recommended to have repairs that are not necessary so that a second opinion is never bad. Moreover, you can compare price offers that are made in order to choose the most advantageous offer for you.

4. Check twice – before you schedule a visit to a repair shop you haven’t been before, ask your friends if they have any feedback about that repair shop. Very likely you will find at least one person to recommend a good repair shop where your car will get the attention it deserves.

Also, the internet may be a good source of information: you can find forums with feedback from former clients and if these don’t seem trustworthy, it’s best to look for another repair shop.

5. Make sure they use quality products – before leaving your car in the repair shop, ask the hostler what parts he will use. Consumables like oil filters, engine oil, tires, bearings etc. need to be the best quality to make sure that the next visit to the repair shop won’t happen too soon. Also, make sure that you have warranty for the spare parts used in the repairs.

Any visit to the repair shop is a less pleasant task that we have to do for our car, but maintenance needs to be a priority. Of course it’s best to choose an agency repair shop but if you take into account all the above elements, you won’t have any surprises when you schedule your next visit to the repair shop.

Also, we recommend that you make periodic checks according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and the number of kilometers driven. Thus you will discover possible minor issues before they escalate.

Moreover, in order to help the hostler s when you schedule a visit to the service also check here a list with 7 of the most frequent sound that indicate a possible malfunction of the engine. You will be able to describe the possible issue easier and the hostler will address it easier.