What are the risks to which you expose your car when using a cheap engine oil?

What are the risks to which you expose your car when using a cheap engine oil?

The engine oil is the lifeblood of any car, so drivers can have a hard time when choosing it. Issues such as the type of viscosity, the specifications from the instructions manual, the differences between mineral and synthetic oil, as well as the price, make many drivers wonder when they have to choose the right engine oil for their car.

Cheap engine oil vs. more expensive engine oil

Since the price of fuel in our country does not seem to go lower, drivers try to save money elsewhere when it comes to the maintenance of their personal car. In such a situation, there appear discussions about whether it is better to choose a cheap engine oil or a little more expensive one. See below what are risks you are exposing yourself to if choosing a cheap engine oil.

1. You need to change the oil more often

The oil’s role is to protect engine components. An efficient oil (basically slightly more expensive than a conventional one) will maintain its protective properties for a longer period of time. Instead, a cheap engine oil, be it a mineral oil or a synthetic one, has in its structure chemical ingredients that are cheaper and of a lower quality.

Of course this does not mean that it cannot protect the engine’s components, but it will automatically have a lower lifespan. Usually, when you do an oil change, you can clearly see that the more expensive engine oil maintains its color and consistency almost unchanged. By contrast, in the case of a cheaper oil, you can notice that it has a darker color and that it is full of deposits.

2. You will make more visits to the repair shop

Although the Mobil 1 oil is slightly more expensive than other engine oils, you will benefit from using its unique formula, which is the result of enormous continuous investments in research and development. For over four decades, Mobil 1 has continued to raise the bar in terms of engines protection and the increase of their performance, helping drivers to achieve a maximum performance of their cars.

Even though when choosing a cheap oil you pay less, the money you save will be used later for the car’s maintenance because there will inevitably occur more frequent failures than in the case when you choose a quality lubricant that can provide engine protection even under the toughest conditions.

The fact that, even since 1978, the Mobil 1 synthetic oils, distributed in Romania by Star Lubricants, began to be used to protect the engines of racing cars from competitions such as Nascar or Formula 1 proves the superior properties of the Mobil 1 synthetic oils even in extreme conditions.

3. Fuel consumption will be higher

There is a very close link between the oil used and fuel consumption. An oil that protects the engine’s components for a longer period of time will help to conserve the energy of the engine and thus will contribute to lower fuel consumption. In contrast, an oil that does not properly circulate will make the engine require more energy to operate at full capacity and implicitly will also increase the fuel consumption.

Those who have already used Mobil 1 oils were able to achieve significant savings in terms of fuel consumption. Following a study carried out in England, between the 1st of February and the 30th of April 2013, which was attended by 1103 users of Mobil 1, it was found that 2 out of 3 users have managed to get fuel economy while using the Mobil 1 engine oil.

Mobil 1 - a long-term gain

Even if the investment in an efficient oil such as Mobil 1 seems higher at first glance, after some time it is depreciated, and the benefits will be seen in aspects such as:

  • fuel economy
  • fewer car revisions and failures
  • longer lifespan of oil compared to conventional mineral oils

No wonder that, for over four decades, Mobil 1 is recommended by many engine manufacturers worldwide. Click here to see 40 reasons why the Star Lubricants team recommends you to use the Mobil 1 oils to ensure unique protection for your engine.