Unique engine protection since 1974 - 40 reasons to choose Mobil 1 oils

Unique engine protection since 1974 - 40 reasons to choose Mobil 1 oils

2014 is the year we celebrate 40 years since Mobil 1 lubricants have appeared on the market. Since 1974, the Mobil 1 motor oil continually raised the bar in terms of engine protection and increasing its performance. By constantly improving the lubricant’s formulation, Mobil 1 has helped the drivers get the maximum of performance out of their cars.

In order to celebrate properly, we have gathered 40 reasons why Star Lubricants recommends you to choose Mobil 1 oils to offer unique protection for your engine and to keep it just as new for longer.

The Mobil 1 oils available in Romania through Star Lubricants offer a series of exceptional properties that contribute to engine protection for a long period of time:

  1. Increased resistance to temperatures as high as 200°C.
  2. Increased resistence to oxydation – thus the oil maintaines its properties for longer.
  3. Increased resistance to temperatures as low as -50°C, so that the oil circulates smoothly to protect engine parts.
  4. Mobil 1 oils contain a set of additives that offer protection against deposits for a cleaner engine.
  5. Through its advanced cleaning properties, the Mobil 1 oil contributes to exhaust reduction.
  6. They are fully synthetic oils and maintain their properties longer than conventional mineral oils.
  7. Mobil 1 oils are fully compatible with conventional engine oils, with semi-synthetic engine oils and other synthetic oils if they need to be mixed. Caution: the dillution of Mobil 1 can lead to a decrease in its performance.
  8. Mobil 1 oil begins to protect the engine from the very moment it starts, being a perfect choice for short distance trips.
  9. Exceptional protection even at high termperatures makes Mobil 1 oils be ideal even for high speed trips on motorways.
  10. The Mobil 1 oils do not require supplementary additives because their formulation contains all the necessary features to protect the engine.
  11. Mobil 1 oils have an increased resistence to vaporisation, thus oil losses are significantly reduced.
  12. Mobil 1 oils protect the engine even when it is subject to harsh driving conditions (erratic weather, loaded vehicle, traffic jams).

Since the Mobil 1 oils have appeared on the market, the field results obtained in various driving conditions have proven every time the performance of Mobil 1 oils.

  1. 2 out of 3 people using Mobil 1 have saved fuel by using it.
  2. Mobil 1 protects the engine for more than 20.000 km, more than conventional oils.
  3. Between 1990 and 1994, through the ”Million Miles Test”, it was proven that using Mobil 1 for a BMW 325i has contributed to maintaining the engine almost as good as new even after driving in harsh conditions for 4 years.
  4. By using Mobil 1 you can make long-term savings (calculated from the less frequent oil changes, fuel economy and reducing the periods required for car maintenance).
  5. In 2005, the use of Mobil 1 for the taxis in Las Vegas has demonstrated an exceptional protection for engine parts and engine cleanliness in high traffic conditions and high pollution.
  6. In 2003 Mobil 1 was chosen to protect the engine for cars in the ”Drive Around the World Expedition”, when they drove 45.000 km in conditions of extreme temperature: from +53°C to -50°C.
  7. A laboratory test has demonstrated that by using Mobil 1, a car driven over 22.000 km has obtained a higher level of engine cleanliness compared to a car using a conventional engine oil.

For 40 years ExxonMobil has developped a wide range of Mobil 1 oils that became an essential support in the evolution of car performance.

  1. Mobil 1 can be used for lawn mowers, snow blowers and other vehicles with small engines.
  2. Since 1999, Mobil 1 has also introduced on the market special oils for motorcycles, that offer the same increased protection like they do for cars.
  3. The Mobil 1 vehicles are available in a wide range according to the viscosity degree, so that choosing the lubricant according to the type of car you drive is easier.
  4. Mobil 1 can be used both for new car engines and for old car engines.

Over the years ExxonMobil has developped the Mobil oils to respond the the newest technologies brought on the market by car manufacturers, thus leading to the building of trusted partnerships between them. Mobil 1 has become one of the most appreciated brands of engine oils by manufacturers of original equipment around the world.

  1. Mobil 1 meets or exceeds the standards enforced by most manufacturers in the car industry, being the oil recommended by the manjority of car manufacturers.
  2. Over 1 million Porsche cars have been equiped from the factory with Mobil 1 oil for Porsche.
  3. Mobil 1 is the oil used in the plant by over 60 car models, among which we have Porsche, Mercedes-AMG, Aston Martin, Nissan GT-R, McLaren MP4-12C.

Performance in extreme conditions

The superior properties of the Mobil 1 synthetic oils help protect the ngine even in the harshest conditions. The proof is that Mobil 1 has been used to protect race car engines in competitions from around the world since the beginning of 1978.

  1. The Mobil 1 brand is associated with the most popular teams in competitions like NASCAR or Formula 1.
  2. In 2014 Mobil 1 celebrates 20 years of cooperation with the McLaren Mercedes team who together have successfully finished 332 races.
  3. Mobil 1 is ”the official engine oil of NASCAR”, more than half of the teams registered rely on the Mobil 1 technology to protect their race cars.
  4. Jenson Button, the Formula 1 pilot, recommends Mobil 1.
  5. The BCR Leasing Rally Team use Mobil 1 to protect the engine of their race cars.
  6. ”I trust Mobil 1 and cannot begin to imagine competing at over 8500 rpm by greasing the engine with another oil type.” – said pilot Alex Filip, in an interview at the end of NRC 2014.
  7. ”All the race cars in my career have received special treatment when it came to lubricants and for many years now, we have chosen Mobil 1. The oils for engine, gear and differential are put to the test during competitions so we want to have the best available on the market!” – Edwin Keleti, 2nd place at the NRC (National Rally Championship)2014.
  8. ”I use for my personal cars and for the cars I work with what I have learned in races, to choose the best oil. Such a choice ensures a long engine life and reduced maintenance costs. Mobil 1 is a wise choice.” – Sorin Badea, pilot for the BCR Leasing Rally Team.

4 decades of performance

For over 40 years, ExxonMobil has looked to constantly develop the formulation of Mobil 1 oils to keep up with the latest trends and needs for engine protection.

  1. ”The Mobil 1 brand was created thanks to an innovative partnership between ExxonMobil and the US Military”, declared Rebecca Pearson, global passenger vehicle lubricants brand manager for ExxonMobil.
  2. In 1974, when Mobil 1 was released for the first time, it was the first synthetic car lubricant on the market.
  3. In 2004 Mobil 1 has brought to the market the ESP formulations that protect the engine and at the same time contribute to reduction of exhaust released in the athmosphere.
  4. In 2010 Mobil 1 was declared the number 1 synthetic engine oil – according to a market analysis made by Kline & Company, that contained the estimates made globally based on the needs of synthetic lubricants.
  5. The Mobil 1 brand is one of the biggest successes of the ExxonMobil company, company that for over 100 years continues to create new lubrication technologies to increase engine performance.
  6. The Mobil 1 oils are also available in Romania through Star Lubricants, who offer via the 7 distribution sites the necessary ingredient for you to increase the engine endurance between inspections.

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