How to overcome the challenges in the oil and gas industry

How to overcome the challenges in the oil and gas industry

Given the requirements in the oil and gas industry, refinery owners must be aware that the best practices of lubrication can help improve their equipment reliability, optimize maintenance costs and, at the same time, reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

The challenges in the industry are various and can bring along serious problems, but a proactive approach in this respect will help you overcome them easier. Please find below 5 of the most frequent challenges that you can encounter in your industrial equipment for oil and gas exploitation and how Mobil industrial lubricants can help you overcome them with ease.

Also, at the end of the article you will find details on the most recent upcoming event dedicated to the experts in the industry of oil and gas exploitation, an event organized in the following period by Star Lubricants in cooperation to partners from ExxonMobil.

1. Equipment interaction with oxygen is inevitable and can bring safety risks, as well as accelerated corrosion. The Mobil Industrial lubricants, distributed in Romania through Star Lubricants have anti-flammable characteristics and protect the equipment from interacting with oxygen.

2. Interaction with water and gas – water, especially as steam, but also gases characteristic to this sector of the industry are the main causes for bearing, pump and other component corrosion in equipment for exploiting oil and gas. Lubricants and Mobil industrial greases are stable when interacting with these elements, thus your equipment will be protected by the negarive effects of the interaction with water and natural gases in the athmosphere.

3. Very high temperatures that appear when drilling can affect equipment performance. Thus, Mobil industrial lubricants are especially formulated to offer additional protection to equipment and to increased temperatures. For instance, both Mobilith SHC greases as well as, lubricants from the Mobil SHC Polyrex series offer the same protection properties even at temperatures of over 150°C.

4. Problems at the sealing faucet level – more types of faucets are used in the oil and gas industry. They are exposed to high pressure, extreme heat or cold, thus the inevitable can occur and might affect their performance. However, proper lubrication of faucet components and of valves can:

  • Improve their relaibility
  • Contribute to transporting the contents through pipes safely, effectively and responsibly

5. Comtamination – no matter the type of contaminant, their appearance in equipment will speed up its wearing, something that is not desirable in the endeavor to increase energey efficiency. After all, it’s easier and more efficient from the point of view of costs that the lubricant used be protected from contaminants (water, dust, metal particles etc.). A proper lubrication program that will include choosing the adequete lubricant as well as monitoring equipment performance for that included in the lubrication plan will help you avoid the negative effects of contamination.

Contact us to find out more details about the lubrication program for equipment in the oil and gas industry offered by Star Lubricants. A Star Lubricants representative will provide the details you require.

Mobil Industrial Round Table – Increased Productivity, Safety and Environment Protection

In order to be closer to the representatives in the oil and gas industry, on the 27th of October, Bucharest will host the Mobil Industrial Round Table - Increased Productivity, Safety and Environment Protection, a themed conference dedicated to the oil and gas industry organized by Star Lubricants in partnership with ExxonMobil.

The participants to the event will find out the latest news in the field of industrial lubricants used in the oil and gas industry as well as how Mobil help them increase energy efficiency, while respecting the current sustainability principles. Together with the Star Lubricants representatives, the speakers present at the event representing our partners will be ready to offer useful advice to ensure maximum perfromance of the Mobil lubricants used during the operations of industrial drilling and manufacturing of oil and gas.

The oil and gas industry can be a harsh business no matter if it’s off shore or on shore exploitation. However, you don’t need to face the challenges mentioned above all by yourself. With help from Mobil industrial lubricants offered by Star Lubricants, expertise in applications and specialised technical support, we will help you overcome these problems successfully.

For more details about the lubrication priogram we offer for the oil and gas industry, click the image below and request a cusomtized quote. A Star Lubricants representative will answer your request in the shortest time possible.