How do you increase effectiveness and reliability of the equipment you use for oil and gas production?

How do you increase effectiveness and reliability of the equipment you use for oil and gas production?

The gas and oil manufacturing sector is one of the most complex industrial sectors especially because of the diversity of the operations carried out. Thus, no matter if it is about onshore or offshore production, the last thing you would want is unplanned failures. Any stop of the equipment because of malfunctions will also affect the company profit.

How can you make sure your equipment is working as effectively as possible? Here is where the Mobil industrial lubricants for oil and gas exploration come in handy. Available in Romania through Star Lubricants, the authorized dealer, Mobil lubricants allow you to maintain a high level of productivity for your oil and natural gas exploitation and production equipment.

Please see find below 5 cases when Mobil lubricants brought considerable savings in the sector of natural gas and oil exploitation.

1. Annual savings of $136,600 with help from Mobil Pegasus 805

A company in the petroleum field made use of 2 gas engines in its operation, which worked 24/7. In their desire to optimize fuel consumption by increasing its change interval and inevitably by reducing idle times, they switched to using Mobil Pegasus 805.

This offered increased performance especially in what concerns oxidation stability, thus increasing the lubricant lifespan. They have hence managed to obtain oil change intervals between 750 and 1500 hours. Reducing idle times and productivity increase have brought the company savings of $136.600/year.

2. Decrease in oil consumption with help from Mobil Pegasus 1005

The owner of a company that operates in the field of natural gas extraction has observed a major increase in the oil they use for gas engines he owned. At the recommendations of ExxonMobil experts, they switched to Mobil Pegasus 1005.

After 3500 hours of functioning they obtained a decrease in oil consumption with of 23%, compared to the period when they used a conventional oil.

3. Annual savings of $31,900 with help from Mobil Rarus SHC

Another case that demonstrated the benefits of lubricants for equipment in the field of gas and oil production refers to a company in Egipt that owns oil drills. Using a synthetic compressor oil such as Mobil Rarus SHC 1026 has demonstrated high performance for the equipment and low maintenance costs.

Thus, if before using this lubricant the oil change interval was of maximum 3 months, they managed to double it. Along with this increase, there was also an improvement in the productivity of the drills, which lead to annual savings of $31.900.

4. Reducing grease consumption with help from Mobilith SHC

Mobil lubricants also bring important advantages for bearings in the oil drills. For instance, the use of synthetic greases like Mobilith SHC 220 helped a company in Russia decrease the grease consumption by extending its change interval with 4 years.

5. Mobil SHC 524 - excellent protection for an oil platform

The offshore oil platforms are exposed to extremely harsh functioning conditions. For instance, in the case of such a platform in Russia, hydraulic equipment worked at temperatures of over +30°C during summer and to temperatures dropping to -50°C during winter.

ExxonMobil has recommended the use of the Mobil SHC 524 hydraulic oil, a synthetic lubricant known for maintaining its viscosity characteristics in a wide range of temperatures.

After 2 years of using this synthetic lubricant, there were no failures noticed when the equipment was started in low temperatures. Also, after a visual inspection there were no deposits caused to excessive humidity. Thus, Mobil SHC 524 has demonstrated its excellent performances in case of hydraulic equipment on the oil platform.

The 5 examples above represent just a small part in the proven performance of lubricants used in the gas and oil production sector. If you would like to get such results, click the image below and request a customized offer.

A Star Lubricants representative will contact you and will recommend the appropriate lubricants which will help you increase the effectiveness and the reliability of the equipment you use.

* The results presented in this article are based on our customer’s particular experience. They can vary according to the equipment used and to the way they are maintained, to the functioning and environment conditions as well as according to the lubricant used previously.