Protect bearings of electric motors with help from Mobil Polyrex EM

Protect bearings of electric motors with help from Mobil Polyrex EM

Electric motors represent a basic component in the oil and natural gas industry. The functioning conditions of engines are a challenge for their working at high performance standards.

One of the most important components of every maintenance program for electric motors in the oil and natural gas industry is bearing lubrication.

Star Lubricants recommends a proper lubrication for them to protect the entire electric motor, especially in conditions where bearings work constantly at high speeds and temperatures. Also, by implementing an effective lubrication schedule you will avoid unplanned malfunctions that will affect your profit.

By using a high performance grease for electric motors, like Mobil Polyrex EM, for bearings in the electric motor you will manage to:

  • Reduce the negative effects of friction and prevent equipment wear
  • Protect bearings from corossion
  • Avoid equipment contamination because Mobil Polyrex EM acts like a seal

$252.000 savings per year for an oil refinery

In the case of an oil refinery in Turkey, the switching to Mobil Polyrex EM grease for brearings of electric motors has brought the company annual savings of $252.000 in equipment maintenance.

Before switching to Mobil Polyrex EM, the company used a conventional grease, but they have noticed that the temperatures in inside the electric motor and fans were increasing a lot.

This was the main reason why some equipment has broken down, forcing the company to deal with extended periods when the refinery’s activity was interrupted.

Apart from this aspect, a bigger quantity of electric motor grease was used compared to the one required for normal functioning conditions.

Further to the field studies carried out by the maintenance engineers at the refinery in cooperation with the ExxonMobil experts, a decision was made to use Mobil Polyrex EM grease for lubricating bearings in the electric motors and fans.

After analysing the equipment behaviour we observed a 43% decrease in the bearing change rate. Thus we obtained annual savings of $252.000. Apart from the savings obtained, there was a reduction in losses caused by idle times required for bearing change in the affected equipment.

Mobil Polyrex EM has offered, thus, a series of important benefits for electric motors used in the refinery:

  • An increased potential for savings, thanks to the extended life span of the grease
  • Industrial equipment protection against corrosion and rust
  • Reduced engine noise levels
  • Increase lifespan for bearings in electric motors

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* These results are based on our customer’s particular experience. The results may vary according to the type of vehicle used and the way it is maintained, the functioning conditions and the environment, as well as according to the previously used lubricant.