What lubricants should you choose for injection molding machines?

What lubricants should you choose for injection molding machines?

Whether we are talking about the wrapping, the transportation, the electrical industry or that of other consumer goods, plastic has a very important role nowadays. For a manufacturer, plastic mass, equipment (and their maintenance at maximum capacity) are trusted allies in order to maintain maximum profitability.

Any defect will slow production down and will have a negative impact on the operational effectiveness, an aspect that is so important on this extremely competitive market. Mobil lubricants for equipment in the injection molding industry can lead to proven performance in this sector especially in terms of savings that can be made.

The use of Mobil lubricants in the injection molding industry helps you, among others, to:

  • Maintain every part of the equipment at its maximum effectiveness
  • Decrease the total exploitation cost
  • Reduce oil consumption
  • Reduce unplanned idle times caused by technical malfunctions

Manufacturer’s recommendation – the main indicator when choosing industrial lubricants

Industrial lubricants are growing at the same time as modern equipment evolves; most times it is difficult to choose the best lubricant to offer maximum protection for your equipment.

This is why the Mobil lubricants distributed in Romania by Star Lubricants are formulated in cooperation with equipment manufacturers around the world, in order to offer an additional protection and to maintain equipment reliable for longer.

This is how they created a wide range of lubricants for equipment in the injection molding industry, among which:

  • Mobil DTE 10 Excel

    Hydraulic oil that has demonstrated a lifespan 3 times bigger than conventional oils, thus protecting hydraulic equipment from wear, maintaining it clean for longer.

  • Mobilith SHC Series

    High performance greases which combine basal oils with the exceptional characteristics of lithium complex additives. The quality and the versatility of greases in this range have made them the right choice for many companies in most of the industry sectors.

  • Mobil SHC 600

    Synthetic lubricants highly appreciated around the world, being recommended for use in more than 1800 types of applications by over 500 of the biggest industrial equipment manufacturers.

  • Mobil Polyrex EM

    Super-premium grease that is especially created for use on bearings in electrical engines, an essential component in most injection molding machines.

  • Mobil Rarus SHC 1020

    Oil mostly destined for lubricating severe duty rotary screw and vane air compressor. This oil is perfect for equipment that functions in severe conditions where a conventional mineral oil would not meet the expectations.

Choosing the right lubricants to protect the equipment in the injection molding industry can be a challenge, given the wide range of products available on the market. Nevertheless, before making any choice, always check the manufacturer’s recommendation for the equipment you have.

Aside from this, click the button below and ask for advice from a technical representative at Star Lubricants. You will receive a recommendation and a customized offer for choosing the right lubricant for the equipment you use in injection molding.