Proven performance of lubricants for the injection molding industry

Proven performance of lubricants for the injection molding industry

Rapid development of information technology, of production and of food wrapping depend mostly on the injection molding industry. The best example is choosing some international car manufacturers to extend assembly factories in Central Europe.

Given the importance of plastic for technology development, the producers in this industry sector must find new solutions of optimising costs. One of the already tested solutions is the use of premium industrial lubricants for industrial equipment for plastic molding, like Mobil DTE 10 Excel, distributed in Romania through Star Lubricants.

Please find below 3 case studies that demonstrate the performance of industrial lubricants and what benefits they can bring for injection molding machinery.

Saving with energy consumption of up to 3%

In the case of a injection molding machine in a geran plant, the use of Mobil DTE 10 Excel 46 lubricant brought savings of 2-3 percent on energy consumption. Also, the company enjoyed increased protection of equipment filter, thus the equipment maintained its performance constant throughout the entire production cycle.

Annual savings of over $5000 / equipment

A plant in Turkey that operated 22 injection molding machinery needs a lubrication of approximately 4000 liters of hydraulic oil. In search ways to reduce the production and maintenance costs, ExxonMobil recommended the company to use the Mobil DTE 10 Excel 46 oil, a product without and with an incresed viscosity degree.

After closely analyzing the equiment behaviour they noticed that the production cycle decreased with 0,5 seconds, which meant an increase of the units produced daily from 69,120 to 76,800.

By using Mobil DTE 10 Excel 46, the injection molding company saved $5606 / equipment / year related to maintenance and productivity potential.

4345 functioning hours without failures

Testing the effectiveness of Mobil DTE 10 Excel lubricants in the case of some injection molding machinery from Husky, has demonstrated that the new generation of hydraulic oils offers incresed performance from the point of view of equipment performance and effectiveness.

The field test took 8 months, during which the equipment worked non stop for 4345 hours. During this time they obtained imortant benefits like:

  • no interruption in production caused by equipment failures
  • stable oil consumption and increased equipment protection
  • perfect compatibility between the lubricant used and the Husky injection molding machine’s parts

The field tests above demonstrate the benefits that chosing the right lubricant can bring to the increase of equipment performance in the injection molding industry. In order to get a recommendation that can help you get similar results, click the image below and request a customized offer from the Star Lubricants agents.

The results presented in this material are based on our customer’s individual experience. They may vary according to the type of vehicle used and the way it is maintained, the functioning conditions and the environment, as well as on the previously used lubricant.