How to obtain savings for gas engines used in the energy industry

How to obtain savings for gas engines used in the energy industry

One of the most pressing problems that gas engines have in the energy industry is maintaining the reliability of key components. In this respect, using lubricants with properties that protect equipment should be a top priority for every owner of such equipment.

Please find below 2 case studies that prove how Mobil Pegasus lubricants contribute to the productivity increase and to savings for gas engines used in the energy industry.

Mobil Pegasus 1005 – annual savings of 30.500 euros for an energy company

An energy company in the Great Britain that produces thermal energy has observed the increase of its productivity and its savings from engine maintenance for gas engines that it owned. In order to reach the initially set objectives, ExxonMobil recommended using the Mobil Pegasus 1005 lubricant for 5 of the machineries used and monitor them using the Signum Analysis system.

Using the Mobil Pegasus 1005 lubricant has led to the increase of the change interval with 150 % (from 1000 hours to 2500 hours). Moreover, after monitoring the oil they noticed that it can be used even after the 2500 hours of functioning have passed.

By increasing the oil life span they earned significant benefits for the company:

  • Reducing safety risks for employees, risks associated with oil change procedures
  • Reducing idle times caused by maintenance processes
  • Annual savings of over 30.500 euros for the 5 machineries owned

By using a high quality basal oil and an advanced additive technology, the Mobil Pegasus 1005 oil offers a very good stability in cases of oxidation and nitration. Maintaining features for longer helps you ensure the availability of gas engines for longer, which will lead to considerable savings and bigger profit.

The Mobil Pegasus 800 Series– annual savings of $6500/engine

A natural-gas processing company in Belarus that owned 14 gas engines was encountering major deposit problems. This caused the equipment to break down too often, which meant very high maintenance costs.

With the purpose of reducing these costs, they were recommended to use the Mobil Pegasus 801 oil, suitable for engines on natural gas with 2 cycles. This engine oil has a remarkable resistance to deposit formation compared to the competitive products for such equipment.

For 1 year the lubricant was tested with an engine owned by the company and the results obtained were exceeded their expectations:

  • Oil consumption has decreased twice
  • The change interval has increased to up to 11.000 hours
  • The number of components changed because of breakdowns has decreased twice

Overall, Mobil Pegasus 801 has exceeded the performances of the previously used oils a by reducing the frequency of maintenance works. All these aspects have led to annual savings of 6500 euros.

Given these results, the company also started using the Mobil Pegasus 801 oil for the other 13 engines with the purpose of maximizing the savings obtained.

No matter what engines you hold, whether on gas or bio-gas, proper lubrication can help you obtain considerable savings and increase you company’s productivity. Thus, the products in the Mobil Pegasus series distributed by Star Lubricants offers major advantages in this area.

To find out what product in the Mobil Pegasus Series best suits the equipment you own, click the image below and get a customized offer for lubricants created for gas engines.

These results are based on the particular experience of our clients. The results may vary according to the type of vehicle used and the maintenance procedures, the using conditions and the environment, as well as the previously used lubricant.