How will Signum synthetic oil Analysis help you increase productivity in the industry?

How will Signum synthetic oil Analysis help you increase productivity in the industry?

Signum oil Analysis is a program designed by ExxonMobil to provide users with detailed oil analysis that offers a report on the trends of equipment, lubricant and contaminants in the industry. This analysis is especially useful to maintenance experts who desire to increase productivity, and has visible positive effects on increasing life for all industrial equipment by preventing problems and failures. The program, available in Romania through Star Lubricants, analyzes an average of 1 million synthetic oil samples a year, worldwide.

Why is it important to include oil analysis in your priorities?

Signum oil analysis works like a blood sample taken to evaluate your health status. Most times, that blood sample detects some illnesses with effects that can be prevented before causing major injuries to the body.

The same thing happens with the Signum oil analysis: by analyzing a certain oil sample, you can identify crucial information about possible issues that your equipment might have. Our experts help you detect these issues early so that you can:

  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce equipment idle time resulted from contingent failures
  • Better the equipment endurance
  • Reduce lubricant consumption and maintenance costs.

4 reasons to choose the Signum oil Analysis for industrial equipment

  1. It is suitable for a large variety of industrial equipment and applications: through this program you have access to over 25 testing options for your equipment, among which:
    • Gas engines and turbines
    • Paper making machines
    • Plastic injection machine
    • Hydraulic equipment
    • Compressors
    • Turbines and circulation systems
    • Differential and final drive
    • Industrial gear
  2. It’s a confidential program: the data obtained will not be externalized, it will be used only by yourself and our experts to make the best recommendations that will lead to productivity increase.
  3. It offers an increased level of expertise: the extreme lab tests will identify the exact possible issues, so that the unforeseen failures will become scarce and will no longer make you lose money.
  4. Guaranteed quality: the analysis methods designed by ExxonMobil offer a consistent and clear diagnosis of the possible problems. This is why more and more companies choose this program as an effective solution to increase productivity for industrial equipment.

Proactivity helps you save money

The basic principle of the Signum oil Analysis is proactivity. Thus, Star Lubricants encourages you be one step ahead so that your industrial equipment functions properly for a longer period of timeand your employees be safe in the working area.

Our field engineers, who work directly with the client, along with the Signum team of engineers and technicians establish, according to data and information specific to every situation, the analysis necessary for the equipment being tested by applying the trend limits and complexe comparing algorithms.