Increased productivity, higher profit with Mobil Pegasus

Increased productivity, higher profit with Mobil Pegasus

According to a report of the European Commission for Energy, Romania is on the 3rd place among the countries in the European Union regarding natural gas reserves. These natural resources have been at the core of the development of the energy industry, based on these reservoirs in our country.

The applications used in the gas energy industry are very diverse, as are the manufacturer’s specifications. In these circumstances, one of the challenges is to maintain the equipment working for a longer period with help from the lubrication products used. Especially in engines on natural gas, the right lubricant is the one that offers an increased resistance to degradation caused by the process of burning of the gasy fuel.

Mobil Pegasus – a dependable ally for gas engines

The Mobil Pegasus series distributed in Romania by Star Lubricants contains products created for various conditions and applications in the current energy industry. For instance, Mobil SHC Pegasus is a completely synthetic lubricant that, thanks to the proven proprietary technology, contributes to the reduction of fuel consumption with up to 1,5%, compared to conventional engine oils.

Moreover, Mobil Pegasus helps reduce:

  • The number of oil changes to reduce acquisition costs with lubricants;
  • Deposits in the firing chamber to increase engine reliability efficiency;
  • Deposits in the heater to maximize thermal energy production.

Thus, Mobil Pegasus will ensure superior performance of equipment by protecting it at the same time against wear particular to the severe environment where gas engine operate.

Biogas – a step forward to reducing greenhouse gas emissions

During the last few years, there has been a major interest in developing energy based on biogas, a nonconventional alternative that contributes to the energy security, as well as to the reduction of greenhouse gas emission.

Productivity of engines on biogas is even bigger at higher temperatures. This is why equipment that works on biogas needs extra protection no matter the operating conditions.

The Mobil Pegasus series also contains products like Mobil Pegasus 600, appropriate for such equipment especially thanks to the fact that it maintains its advanced protecting characteristics in the most severe operating conditions.

Thus, Mobil Pegasus 600 minimizes the negative effects of biogas contaminants and contributes to the extension of lifespan for oil and engine components.

Engine reliability improvement will lead to productivity increase

No matter if you own a gas or a biogas engine, this aspect remains the key point that can bring you more profit. Using products from the Mobil Pegasus series has major advantages beyond the increased lubrication potential and contributes directly to the profit increase thanks to the reduction of equipment maintenance costs.

To find out what product in the Mobil Pegasus series suits the equipment you own, click the image below and get an offer adapted to your particular requirements.