Mobil SHC – Productivity burst even at low temperatures

Mobil SHC – Productivity burst even at low temperatures

All companies in the industrial sector are facing a continuous challenge: maximizing productivity and at the same time, using their equipment safely and in accordance with the sustainability policies. During the cold season, these challenges are more difficult to overcome given the negative temperatures that define it.

Whether we speak of hydraulic equipment, gas turinbes, qind turbines or other machinery used in the industry, their working at maximum capacity will have an important say when it comes to the efficiency of industrial operations.

The good news is that the advcanced lubrication technologies, especially when it comes to Mobil SHC industrial lubricants, contrbute to the extend of equipment lifespan, oil change intervals and improve the energy effectiveness even times of negative temperatures.

Protecting equipment in conditions of below 0 temperatures

During winter, when termperatures often go below 0, the lubricants need to be able to cope with the cold successfully. Once the temperatures decrease, the conventional industrial oils usually thicken and start leaking with difficulty inside the equipment. Thus there is a possibility that some components are not properly lubricated, especially at equipment startup, which will elad to its wear. For isntance, in case of bearings not lubrified properly, friction will lead to engine failures and implicitly to a reduced productivity.

Using an oil that circulated quick inside the equipment, even in conditions of below 0 temperatures will protect the equipment. In this respect, Mobil synthetic lubricants contain high quality basic oils that improve their performance and keep their characteristics even at temperatures of below 0 degrees.

For instance, the Mobil SHC 500 hydraulic oil series was designed to help protect hydraulic equipment that work even in extremely low temperatures. Even at temperatures of -40°C, Mobil SHC 500 maintains its viscosity index, allowing it to flow faster inside the hydraulic system. Thus you will make sure that the lurbicant does its job and protects the equipment components.

Improving safety and sustainability with Mobil SHC

Along with the possibility for the equipment to work at maximum capacity even at below 0 temperatures, the Mobil SHC syntehtic lubricants comes with a series of additional advantages. Expanding equipment lifespan will reduce the risks associated with their maintenance. Also, you can get impoertant increases in productivity and sustainability thanks to the extended equipment lifespan and oil change intervals.

For instance, Mobil SHC Pegasus uses technologies that brings important benefits related to gas engine productivity. Mobil SHC Pegasus is the first lubricant for gas engines that offers the possibility or energy saving. In a case study made by ExxonMobil, it was demonstrated that using Mobil SHC Pegasus helps reduce fuel consumption with up to 1,5%.*

In any industrial sector the equipment failues represent one of the biggest challenges. Apart from using synthetic industrial lubricants, we also recommend an oil monitoring tool like the Signum Analysis.

Combining the use of Mobil SHC syntehtic lubricants with an effective euipment and oil monirogint program you will manage to achieve the same level of productivity and energy efficiency even in case of negative temperatures like during winter.

For more details on what type of lubricant to choose for your equipment, click the image below and contact a Star Lubricants agent who will help you make the right desision.