Mobil 1 synthetic oils - support in the evolution of car performance

Mobil 1 synthetic oils - support in the evolution of car performance

During the last decade, the manufacturers have made great progress concerning the design and technology of car engines. Thus, more advanced technologies have been created like turbochargers, direct gasoline injection engine, diesel engines and more recently hybrid cars.

At the same time the engine oil industry has developed along with these technologies. The most recent formulas for Mobil 1 synthetic engine oil have a crucial role in the endeavor of car manufacturers to create sustainable cars, with lower fuel consumption and at the same time compliance with exhaust emission laws.

What Mobil 1 engine oil to use according to your engine type?

Increased thermal stability of Mobil 1 synthetic oils makes them an obvious choice when talking about turbocharger engines. Given the fact that this technology implies very high temperatures when functioning, the stability of Mobil 1 oils will help components to be lubricated properly at all times. Mobil 1 5W-50 (Rally Formula) is living proof as it is used for race cars and protects their engines from the extreme conditions characteristic to races.

The diesel technologies have not been neglected either, on the contrary, they have developped a lot especially thanks to the increased potential they have in saving fuel. In case of diesel engines there is an increased degree of "thermal stress" for their components compared to conventional gasoline engines. Thus engine oils need to be capable of resisiting to heat in order to protect the engine from wear. Synthetic premium oils, like Mobil 1 Turbo Diesel 0W-40, are created to resist degradation, so he diesel engine performance is the same for longer.

Direct injection gasoline engines is still popular among drivers thanks to reduced aquisition costs. This is why Mobil 1 offers a wide range of oils for this type of engine, according to brand. Click here for more details on the type of oil recommended taking this aspect into consideration.

Mobil 1 keeps up with the new tendencies in the domain

The most recent technologies are far from those found in hybrid cars. During the last few years they have enjoyed a very high attention both from manufacturers and from drivers. Their advantages (increased fuel economy and lower emissions compared to traditional gasoline engines) make them the choice of more and more drivers concerned with fuel economy and a cleaner environment altogether.

The formula of Mobil 1 0W-20 Advanced Fuel Economy offers the same benefits for performance for hybrid cars as for gasoline cars, including a better overall engine protection. Moreover, it contributes to the cleanliness of engine on a long term, which is extremely important for the concept that is behind hybrid cars.

While technology evolves, drivers are looking for new solutions to protect their engines for longer periods. Regarding engine oils, the use of a 100% synthetic product like Mobil 1 is a better option than conventional oil, which is visible in the benefits offered to the new engine technologies.

In order to find out what Mobil 1 oil type suits the engine you have, click here and use the application "Which oil" created by ExxonMobil available in Romania through Star Lubricants.