4 signs that you need to change the lubricants that protect metal manufacturing machines

4 signs that you need to change the lubricants that protect metal manufacturing machines

The equipment used in metal manufacturing generates a huge quantity of heat. In order for this phenomenon not to affect productivity, it can be kept under control with help from cutting fluids. Fluids also offer a high anticorrosion protection for equipment.

To make sure that the cutting fluids do their job, really protecting the metal manufacturing equipment, please find below a list of 4 signs that show you need to change them.

1. Low level in the evacuation reservoir

If the level is below 30% of the capacity of the reservoir, this can mean 2 things: either there are fluid leaks, or the water vaporization is too high. Carefully monitor these aspects and constantly refill cutting fluid to maintain an optimum level for a correct functioning of the metal manufacturing equipment.

2. Normal color of fluid

When fluids are in a good condition they should have characteristics typical to the type of product:

  • Synthetic fluids are transparent
  • Semi-synthetic fluids have a transparent to opalescent aspect

Grey or black indicate contamination so a Signum analysis is recommended. If the fluid is slightly discolored, it means that it has already been used long enough and it should be replaced soon.

3. Excess dirt floating on the fluid

If you see a big quantity of deposit, mold or other residue try to eliminate them but be careful as the creation of an excessive quantity of residue indicates the fact that the filtration system does not work properly. Periodically check the filtration system to make sure that it works at its maximum capacity.

4. The employees have skin irritations

Employee security should be the number 1 priority when they operate metal manufacturing machines. If they present with irritations on the skin it is possible that the fluid has a very high alkalescency or is contaminated with other substances. Please check if the cause of the irritation is the cutting fluid to make sure that your employees are protected at work.

Apart from the above 4 signs, there are other aspects that need to be periodically checked:

  • Rust and corrosion on the metal manufacturing equipment
  • Microorganisms that can clock the fluid flow
  • Change in the fluid viscosity
  • Excess water gathered in the inferior part of the evacuation reservoir

If there are one or more signs in the above list we recommend an expert analysis of the fluid to to see if it can still be used or if should be replaced. Star Lubricants, along with experts from ExxonMobil offer such oil analysis to identify crucial information about the possible issues that your industrial equipment might have.

For further information on the cutting fluid used in equipment for metal manufacturing or to request a Signum analysis, click the image below and contact a Star Lubricants expert who can help with any information you need.