Advanced productivity in the industry with Mobil cutting fluids

Advanced productivity in the industry with Mobil cutting fluids

Just like your personal car, the equipment used in the metal manufacturing industry needs certain ingredients to work at maximum capacity, especially because the metal manufacturing processes imply pretty high costs. In order to make sure that you won’t have to add equipment repair costs to the functioning costs very often, using cutting fluids is a must.

Cutting fluids for metalworking have the purpose of reducing heat and component friction, as well as removal of metal particles resulted during the industrial processes. The 3 basic functions of cutting fluids can help with:

  • 1. Cooling: the metalworking processes can reach extremely high temperatures and the cutting fluids cool the equipment used in order to avoid overheating.
  • 2. Lubrication: equipment components that come in contact during the manufacturing processes will be protected from wear. Thus you can avoid idle times caused by unexpected failures. In addition, the cut will be more precise thanks to proper functioning of equipment.
  • 3. Purification: cutting fluids remove metal particles resulted during manufacturing, so that resulted products will reach the increased quality standards.

Apart from the 3 basic functions, cutting fluids distributed in Romania by Star Lubricants in partnership with ExxonMobil also have other benefits for industrial equipment:

  • They are easy to use and to maintain: thanks to the chemical stability, they don’t come into contact with other substances and they can be used safely by your employees.
  • Reduce unpleasant smells: additives from the Mobil cutting fluids help reduce smells characteristic to industrial processes, smells that can affect employees in the production departments.
  • Have an increased contribution to cost reduction: thanks to the increased equipment protection they will function at maximum capacity for longer and you will be able to enjoy a bigger profit.
  • Can be used in various applications: Star Lubricants offers cutting fluids adapted to the type pf equipment you own. Thus, you can choose between water miscible cutting fluids (Mobilcut and Kutwell) or non-miscible (Mobilmet and Vacmul), according to your needs.

Mobilcut cutting fluids – created for metal manufacturing in modern shops

Mobilcut is the miscible industrial lubricant that offers increased performance to industrial processes of metal manufacturing. Mobilcut cutting fluids are created for a wide variety of equipment and offers anticorrosion protection.

Thus, the characteristics of Mobilcut cutting fluids meet the modern shop requirements and contribute to:

  • Excellent manufacturing performance;
  • Increase of equipment endurance and productivity;
  • Creation of a safe environment both for the employees and for the environment.

No matter if you choose miscible or non-miscible cutting fluids, their use is vital to increase equipment productivity in the manufacturing industry.

In order to find out what type of cutting fluid is best for your metal manufacturing equipment, click the image below and get a customized offer.