Mobil DTE 10 Excel - the lubricant that will help you save money and energy

Mobil DTE 10 Excel - the lubricant that will help you save money and energy

Plastic is a material with a high popularity not only because of lower costs, but also because of the sustainability of new plastics alternatives. For plastics manufacturers, it is important that every detail that could help to streamline production and decrease maintenance costs to be taken into account. Therefore, it is essential that the equipment used in this process benefit from proper maintenance.

Which is the ideal oil for the equipment in the plastics industry?

Currently, the market offers a lot of lubricant options for pressure casting machines and for the injection ones. Even so, it is difficult to make the right choice without expert advice.

Mobil DTE 10 Excel is the Mobil oils series recommended for modern hydraulic systems in the industrial environment, ideal for equipment used in the plastics industry. Products in this series are created from carefully selected base oils, with balanced additives systems that offer performance even in extreme situations.

This category of innovative oils was created in order to maintain clean systems and maximum performance. One of the product’s main objectives is to protect components against faults, and the high viscosity index allows keeping the entire hydraulic system under control, both at high and low temperature.

Case study: DTE 10 Excel with Krauss Maffei and Arburg engines

A manufacturer of electronics and kitchen appliances from Turkey, who owned 10 injection molding machines, out of which nine were Krauss Maffei 20/220/C2 and one was Arburg 520C 2000-150/60, was continuously trying to extend their equipment’s lifespan and avoid oil leakage.

The machines used had 20kW electric motors and an oil tank capacity of 250 liters. The oil was requiring draining and changing every 5000 operation hours, which meant labor force and high costs. Until the intervention, the manufacturer used the oil from the Mobil DTE 25 series.

The Mobil 1 engineers recommendation was to use the Mobil DTE 10 Excel lubricant, and to support this decision, the specialists conducted several analyzes on the equipment’s performance.

Thus, a test was initiated in parallel on two injection molding machines: one of the plastics injection machines was maintained using Mobil DTE 25, and for the second one was used Mobil DTE 10 Excel lubricant.

Over $12,000 annual savings

At the end of the test, the machinery which used Mobil DTE 10 Excel had a consumption of 16,156 kWh, and the one which used DTE 25 had a consumption of 18,467 kWh. The measurements were made by using a Metrel PowerQ Plus MI2392 power analyzer.

The benefits of using the product recommended by the Mobil engineers were surprising and totaled several advantages that didn’t exist before. Saving energy and reducing oil leaks are just two of the most important.

Regarding the financial aspect, the manufacturer saved 12,973 dollars per year and managed to reduce energy consumption during production by 12.5%.

This case study proves the contribution of choosing a suitable lubricant to the improvement of equipment performance in the plastics production industry. To receive a recommendation that can help you get similar results, click on the image below and request a customized offer from the Star Lubricants agents.