How can you reduce energy loss with help from Mobil industrial lubricants?

How can you reduce energy loss with help from Mobil industrial lubricants?

The cost with the energy used to set the equipment into motion often represents the most important part of expenses with industrial equipment maintenance. Given the increased energy costs and limited resources available, the ineterest for achieving significant savings in this direction should be a priority for any industrial equipment owner.

Thus, even though the potential of energy saving may vary according to each equipment, even one percent decrease in consumption can justify the costs implied by lubricantion specific to equipment for several months.

Of course that in an ideal world, all the energy used by an industrial equipment will contribute to production, resulting in 100% efficiency. Nevertheless, even the most modern industrial equipment suffers energy loss one way or another.

This is the reason why Mobil industrial lubricants are formulated in such a way that they can contribute to reducing costs related to energy consumption. Please find below how you can reduce energy loss seen in industrial equipment with help from Mobil industrial lubricants distributed in Romania through Star Lubricants.

Friction – the number 1 source for energy loss

Friction between industrial the equipment components in motion (like bearings and sealings) represent the main source of energy loss. In the study "Global Energy Consumption Due to Friction in Passenger Cars, Transportation and Industry", researchers have come to the conclusion that an average of 25-30% of the energy produced by industrial equipment is consumed with friction.

Thus, the industrial lubricants used, need to protect equipment from this phenomenon, reducing the negative effects that it can have on energy consumption.

Industrial lubricant viscosity – an ally in the fight against energy loss

The loss caused by friction has raised the interest of experts to create lubricants with a reduced viscosity, so that they can act immediately and wrap systems in a "foil" that offers instant protection. For instance, in the case of an equipment that functions at low temperatures, a lubricant with a reduced viscosity will protect every component of the equipment, so that they joint perfectly and friction does not cause energy loss. Apart from reducing energy loss, the equipment will also be protected by wear which automatically leads to a more reliable equipment for longer.

Even though the energy cost does not seem part of the maintenance budget, at first glance, but rather part of the equipment functioning budget, the resulted energy savings received from using Mobil industrial lubricants offer the possibility to reduce maintenance costs at the same time with increasing equipment reliability and profitability.

For more details on how to choose a Mobil industrial lubricant to help you reduce energy loss, click the image below and request a customised offer. A Star Lubricants expert will guide you in choosing the best option according to the equipment you own.