How to choose a high quality engine oil for your car?

How to choose a high quality engine oil for your car?

Every car needs constant inspections to make sure that it will take you to your destination safely. The engine oil change is one of the actions to be taken regularly, after a mileage of approximately 10,000-15,000 km.

The basic rule of any guide for choosing an engine oil says you must comply with the requirements in the technical manual regarding the engine oil’s qualities. In this way, choosing the right engine oil brand becomes a relatively easy task.

However, there are some frequent questions arising when you have to choose the engine oil. See below how to answer the two of such most frequently asked questions.

1. Cheap engine oil or a more expensive one?

A heated discussion refers to the investment of car owners in the engine oil. Even if we are sometimes tempted to choose an oil with a lower price, the risks of a cheap engine oil can be devastating when it comes to the life span of your car.

Thus, when choosing a cheaper engine oil, even if the initial investment seems smaller, in the long run the effects of a poor-quality oil can be devastating to your car. In addition, see here what other risks you are exposed to if you choose a cheaper engine oil.

2. Where to buy a high-quality engine oil?

To protect your car’s engine, the lubricants must meet the quality requirements specified in the technical manual. These are checked by international standards such as:

  • SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers)
  • API (American Petroleum Institute)
  • ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers Association)

Basically, a high-quality oil will help you:

  • Ensure an easy start of the engine through the lubrication of its components
  • Reduce the negative effects of the friction phenomenon between components
  • Protect the engine against corrosion
  • Clean the engine of the existing deposits and solids
  • Maintain the optimum operating temperature

When needing a high-quality oil, always choose an authorized distributor to make sure that the lubricant reaching your engine is an original one. If in doubt about the engine oil’s origin, always ask the repair shop’s personnel or the car dealership’s personnel about it.

Choosing the engine oil may seem a complicated task indeed, but the basic rule you need to remember is to always choose an authorized distributor who can guarantee you a high-quality oil which also complies with the specifications set out in the car’s technical manual.

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