Top 5 tips to make best use of the properties of industrial greases

Top 5 tips to make best use of the properties of industrial greases

Industrial greases are used in most sectors, from the energy or construction sector to the food or plastics industry. Basically, they play a critical role in the protection and lubrication of equipment.

That is why manufacturers have formulated and continue to develop greases with exceptional performances, which bring important benefits to the equipment for which they are used.

Still, how can you make sure that you entirely benefit from these properties? See below 5 precise tips you should consider when using industrial greases for your equipment.

1. Grease or industrial oil?

Whether you choose a grease or an industrial oil, proper lubrication of the equipment used in any sector will help maximize productivity by extending the life of your equipment. However, there are some cases where it is recommended to choose industrial greases. For example, industrial greases should be used in applications that:

  • operate at low or moderate speeds
  • require additional protection against dust or other contaminants
  • require extended operation without interruptions caused by maintenance activities

More details about the aspects according to which you should choose between grease and industrial oil can be found here.

2. Constantly analyze the need for re-lubrication

There is a number of complex factors that influence this re-lubrication interval, including:

  • type of bearing
  • operation temperature and speed
  • environmental conditions

But, in general, the smaller the bearings and the higher the speeds at which they operate, the lower the re-lubrication interval. Conversely, larger-sized bearings require a more frequent lubrication.

3. Store and handle the greases properly

To maximize the performance benefits of an industrial grease, it is important to follow the recommendations of the industrial grease supplier regarding storage conditions. If they are not complied with, the greases can deteriorate and lose their properties.

4. Choose synthetic industrial greases

It is proven that synthetic greases provide competitive advantages superior to those of mineral greases. These advantages relate, among others, to:

  • extended grease life
  • high thermal stability

For example, in the case of a paper factory in Turkey, using the Mobil SHC Polyrex 462 grease helped reduce with 80% bearing failures in the used equipment. Initially, the bearings were lubricated with a mineral grease, which led to about 5 stops/month caused by faults, but they were significantly reduced once the synthetic grease was used.

5. Use the right amount of grease

Always follow the recommendations of the equipment’s manufacturer in order to determine the right amount of grease that you should be using.

This is extremely important because an insufficient amount of grease can lead to equipment failure due to lack of lubrication. However, over lubrication can also cause problems, due to the migration of the lubricant inside the equipment.

For a safer and more accurate lubrication we recommend using automatic grease guns.

These are just some of the tips to keep in mind to make the most out of the industrial greases’ properties. Of course there are other factors to be taken into account to ensure optimal performance of the equipment, but starting with the 5 tips above, you will be closer to achieve the desired performance.

Also, to find out what type of grease you should use for your equipment, click on the image below and request a customized offer. A Star Lubricants representative will contact you in the shortest time possible to help you choose the right solution for you.