Industrial oil or a grease? How to choose the right product for your equipment

Industrial oil or a grease? How to choose the right product for your equipment

Any industrial equipment will function at its maximum capacity only in conditions of proper lubrication. Choosing the industrial lubricant suited to every equipment’s requirements is the first step to reach increased performance.

Usually, every equipment comes with a recommendation from its manufacturer. This is also combined with conditions of environment, speed, wear and temperature.

The most important decision remains choosing between using an industrial oil or a grease. Please see below some aspects that you should take into consideration when choosing between an oil and a grease for lubricating equipment in the industrial sector.

When should you use industrial oil?

Generally, for equipment operating constantly at high temperatures, using an oil is preferred because this helps installing a circulation system that contributes to cooling the equipment.

Moreover, oil can prove to be superior to grease especially for applications that are lubricated through a system based on central oil supply.

Most of the industrial bearings use circulating lubrication systems that reuse the oil for a longer period. The biggest problem of this type of equipment is humidity, a circumstance which favors oil contamination. In this respect, the oil you choose must:

  • Be chemically stable to resist deposit formation and oxidation
  • Protect against rust and corrosion
  • Keep control of its viscosity in applications where dilution is very frequent
  • Resist to foam formation

When should you use an industrial grease?

Greases are recommended, generally, in equipment that works at moderate speeds and at medium temperatures. For instance:

  • Transporters
  • Wind turbines, where a central oil supply would be hard to manage
  • Applications where adherence represents an important factor for productivity and safety

Also, industrial greases can offer protection against exhaust, so they are recommended for equipment that requires an extra protection from dirt and smoke. Additionally, using industrial greases is indicated for machinery that needs a big functioning cycle without maintenance activities.

Similarly to oils, industrial greases must meet certain characteristics to ensure you that the lubricated machinery is fully protected. Thus, always choose greases that:

  • Have a viscosity that allows building up a protection film, and does not affect the speed of friction between equipment components
  • Keep their characteristics even at extreme temperatures

No matter if you choose an industrial grease or an oil, proper lubrication of the equipment used in any industrial sector will help you maximize productivity by extending the lifespan of your equipment.

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