5 car maintenance tips that you should take into consideration this fall

5 car maintenance tips that you should take into consideration this fall

Generally, winter and summer are the seasons when drivers pay the most attention to the maintenance of their car. This usually happens for two reasons: during wintertime, drivers want to protect their car from the harsh weather conditions characteristic to this season and summer is the season of vacations when cars need to be ready to take long rides towards the chosen holiday destinations.

However, in order to make sure that your car is in a good state throughout the year, there are a few key moments when you need to perform some maintenance tasks.

Autumn is such a moment, as it can often come with rainy days and even snow.

In order to make sure that your car will take you safely to your destination during this period, see below 5 simple maintenance tips that you should put apply at the beginning of fall.

1. Battery state

Because batteries don’t always warn us before dying, it is recommended that you change the battery every 3 years. Aside from this basic rule, during this season you need to check the battery wires for corrosion. The colder it is, the more affected the battery will be, thus checking the battery charging system is a very good way to prevent failures of vital components for a proper functioning of your car.

2. Tires

Adherence of the wheels is one of the main elements, and an irreplaceable one when it comes to traffic safety. However, in autumn, adherence can suffer mainly because of temperature difference between day and night and because of the wet road. Choosing the proper tires can make the difference between safe driving and an unwanted accident.

In the rain, a used tire, for instance, cannot eject water fast enough, which leads to lack of adherence.

In order to prevent any kind of problem, check the tires for wear and make sure that the pressure is in accordance with the recommendations in the car’s instruction book, especially since there is a tendency of pressure loss along with temperature decreasing.

3. Breaks

Pay attention to any noise that comes when you press the break. Also, if you feel that the brake is not “soft” or “spongy” when you take your foot off, pay an urgent visit to the repair shop for an expert check of the braking system. Suspicious sounds of the engine and of the braking system not only make braking difficult, but can also indicate serious malfunctions of the entire system.

Make sure that your breaks work at a maximum capacity, especially during the fall, when the humidity and the wet road can add further pressure on the braking system.

4. Engine oil

It is recommended to check the oil level at least once a month, no matter the season. This is the only way that you could prevent problems caused by insufficient engine oil. An engine that is not properly lubricated will bring serious damage.

You should also choose a synthetic oil like Mobil 1, which offers major advantages like wear prevention, engine cleanliness, a smooth functioning, viscosity preservation, rust prevention and reduction of engine component friction.

5. Wipers and washer fluid

When it comes to driving in the rain, one of the things that can affect your safety and the one of other participants to the traffic is inefficient wipers. If you notice even the smallest sign of wearing of your wipers, don’t delay and replace them immediately. This can be done quickly, easily and relatively cheap but it will help you drive safely no matter the weather conditions.

Given that autumn can bring many rainy days and sometimes even snow, it is very important that you make sure your car is prepared to face these challenges successfully. Follow the 5 tips above and you will be able to get through this season without a problem.

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