How to increase safety for driving in rain conditions?

How to increase safety for driving in rain conditions?

According to last years’ data provided by the Police Department, not adapting speed to weather conditions is one of the main causes of accidents taking place on the streets in Romania. Reduced visibility, low grip level and the chance of hitting deep pools are just some of the issues you can have when driving in rain conditions. The more and more advanced technology comes to support the drivers with more efficient windshield wipers, effective windshield evaporators and tires with improved grip capacity for wet driving conditions. Nevertheless, there are some steps you can follow to increase safety during driving in the rain:

Pay attention and improve your visibility

Make sure that the wipers and the vaporator system work properly because during driving in rainy conditions the two elements are the best to help you overcome the issue of reduced visibility. Also, if visibility is very low, and you feel you cannot cope with the situation, pull over, turn the emergency flashers and wait a little for the rain to stop. 

Make sure you are seen in traffic

To avoid an accident, each time it rains don’t forget to turn the headlights on even during the day. This simple action allows other drivers to spot your car easier. Moreover, if it pours and the traffic is bumper to bumper, it is indicated to also turn the emergency flashers on to make your presence seen by other participants to the traffic.

Use the right kind of tires

Safety in traffic is very important and grip condition is one of the main elements and an irreplaceable one. Choosing the right tire can make the difference between a pleasant trip and an unexpected accident. Just as for rallies choosing the right tires can get you on the stage, the car needs to be correctly equipped in every day traffic as well. During rainy conditions, a used tire, for example, cannot evacuate water fast enough which leads to lack of grip. My advice is to prepare your car according to the conditions outside in order to have trips without accidents”, Alex Filip (pilot for the BCR Leasing Rally Team, supported in the 2013 Nation Rally Competition by Star Lubricants and Mobil 1).

Drive carefully

Caution should be the main factor leading drivers in any driving situations, even more during rainy conditions. The problems that arise because of unfavorable weather can be avoided easier if you reduce speed earlier. Also, avoid making any sudden moves and look twice before making turns or changing the lane.

Be careful when driving in flooded areas

Never drive through deep water or on flooded roads because you risk water reaching you engine and making it stop. If you have doubts concerning water depth, it is best to avoid that area. Better take a detour than stay blocked in a flooded area.

Avoid any element that might distract your attention

Driving in the rain implies a higher level of attention than in normal driving conditions. In this respect, if necessary, avoid using the phone and the radio in order to focus 100% on driving.

The most important element during driving in rainy conditions remains the power to focus. When visibility is extremely low and the roads become flooded only you can decide whether you can continue driving or you need to pull over. Of course the second option will make you be late to your destination, but the few minutes you lose are not as valuable as your safety.