Star Lubricants and ExxonMobil - a successful partnership for wind turbine efficiency

Star Lubricants and ExxonMobil - a successful partnership for wind turbine efficiency

Renewable energy is one of the most intensely discussed subjects worldwide. An important component in renewable energy is the one produced with wind turbines. Given the fact that Europe has an extended potential concerning wind power, the industry events that touch on this topic are very frequent across Europe.

Husum Wind Energy – the meeting point of experts from the wind industry

The most important aspect of all is that Husum Wind Energy, who ever since the first edition in 1989 has focused primarily on promoting wind power as a partial alternative to the traditional energy sources, an important component pf the 20-20-20 program, part of the "Europe 2020" Strategy.

Between the 15th and the18th September, the biggest players in the wind indistry from around the world have met in northern Germany at the HUSUM Wind 2015 event – the German Wind Trade Fair and Congress.

During these four days, over 600 exhibitors have presented the most recent innovations in the industry in an exhibition center of over 25.000 m2. The main attractions were the technologies, the services and the products specially designed to increase effectiveness of wind power both onshore and offshore.

Husum Wind Energy represents, aside for a meeting point for all the experts in the wind industry, a living proof of the successful application of the most recent technologies in the industry. This shows that the area around the city of Husum is one of the most developed area in Europe in terms of wind farms.

The Star Lubricants team has been beside the ExxonMobil partners at Husum Wind Energy, to find out news related to lubrication technologies destined for increasing wind turbine efficiency.

Mobil Industrial Lubricants leading wind turbines on new heights of efficiency

For dozens of years, Mobil Industrial has been working closely with the most important wind turbine manufacturers in order to develop high performance lubricants that contribute to increasing productivity for wind turbines. For instance, more than 40.000 wind turbines acriss the world already use the high performance wind turbine transmission fluid, MobilgearTM SHC XMP 320.

Available in Romania through Star Lubricants, the Mobilgear SHC XMP 320 transmission fluid is the perfect lubricant for wind turbine decelerator, which exceeds the performances of conventional mineral oils and brings important advantages concerning oil change intervals.

Also, thanks to its advanced additive system, Mobilgear SHC XMP 320 offers excellent protection to wind turbine components against friction wear and micro-corrosion, characteristic to the wind power sector.

These benefits contribute to the increase of equipment lifespan and to the extension of the oil change interval and have a positive effect in what concerns safety risk reduction for the employees involved in wind turbine maintenance.

In order for you to enjoy the advantages that Mobil lubricants bring to wind turbines, click the image below and request a customized quote. A Star Lubricants expert will recommend the proper Mobil lubricant, according to the equipment you own.