How to avoid 4 frequent problems of equipment in the injection molding industry

How to avoid 4 frequent problems of equipment in the injection molding industry

In the injection molding industry high pressure and increased temperatures at which the equipment will undergo affect their components. Thus, no matter if it’s about processes of producing plastic mass or rubber, the equipment used is prone to failures caused by the harsh using conditions.

Any business owner knows that equipment needs to work at maximum capacity to have the biggest number of production cycles as possible. The number 1 ally in equipment protection is the Mobil lubricant, distributed in Romania through Star Lubricants.

Using this on your injection molding equipment will help you overcome successfully the most frequent problems that can occur in this industry sector. Please find below 4 of the most frequent problems and how Mobil Industrial Lubricants help you come round them.

1. Production residue

Production residues represent one of the types of contaminants that affect industrial equipment. These appear especially in the case of film stretching machines. In this case, the lubricants must resist to very high pressure exerted by the gliding mechanism. Removing these residues will lead to an increase in the production cycle, an aspect that will directly affect productivity. The use of industrial lubricants with an extremely low tendency to form residues will help you reduce the production cycle. For instance, Mobil DTE 10 Excel is a lubricant that, apart from its excellent lubrication properties, it keeps the equipment clean for longer.

2. Pronounced wear of components in injection molding machinery

In the extrusion processes and those of injection molding, increase temperatures and pressure can cause a rapid wear of injection molding machinery components that are not properly protected. Mobil lubricants for the injection molding industry protect components from wear even at increased temperatures, thus they can work at maximum capacity for longer.

3. Increased lubricant consumptuin

Very high temperatures of the working conditions in this industry sector favor an increased consumption of lubricants. For instance, in the case of tire production, a production cycle will be interrupted if the consumption of lubricants is too high so that procedures for relubrication are undertaken. A lubricant with increased thermal resistance will help you avoid such interruptions in the production cycle. Thus, not only you will make production more effective but you will also decrease the associated costs with lubricant consumption.

4. Increased energy consumption

The harsh exploitation conditions particular to equipment in the injection molding industry also implies a very big energy consumption. Thus, a lubricant with features that make energy consumption more efficient, like Mobil DTE 10 Excel will help you reduce operating costs by decreasing energy consumption.

As shown here, in the case of an injection molding equipment in a german factory, the use of Mobil DTE 10 Excel 46 has contributed to a decrease in energy consumption of 3%.

No matter the type of equipment used in this industry sector, the proper lubricant can help you overcome successfully the possible problems that might affect the productivity of you plant.

For more details about the proper lubricant for equipment in the injection molding industry click the image below and request a customized offer. A Star Lubricants representative will help you make the best choice to increase production efficiency.