How do level and circulation of industrial lubricants influence equipment performance?

How do level and circulation of industrial lubricants influence equipment performance?

The performance of equipment used in the industry sector is influenced first of all by the way it is maintained. In this respect, there are 3 aspects that should be taken into consideration by those responsible with equipment maintenance:

  1. Choosing the proper lubricant
  2. Contamination control
  3. Maintaining the optimal level of lubricant and its proper circulation

If the first 2 aspects enjoy an increased attention, the 3rd aspect is more often disregarded. This happens because the symptoms of a low level of oil or of an improper circulation are not always visible.

Please find below some of the most frequent causes that can affect lubricant circulation inside industrial equipment:

  • Cold start

    Can make the lubricant move with difficulty inside the machine. In this respect, it is indicated that you use a high performance lubricant that maintains its properties no matter the environment the equipment is used in.

  • Low oil pressure

    This can be the result of many causes, among which worn bearings, oil pump wear, particle contamination and below 0 temperatures. Given the fact that oil pressure is the motion that sends oil to the areas that require lubrication, maintaining pressure at an optimal level is extremely important for equipment protection.

  • Blocking of the jet nozzles

    Various contaminant agents can restrict oil flow, a situation that has a negative impact on lubricant circulation inside the equipment. The use of Mobil industrial lubricants with additives that protect the equipment from contamination is recommended in this case.

  • The appearance of foaming

    Air bubbles can affect the flow of lubricant inside the equipment, so that the use of Mobil industrial lubricants with its antifoam properties can rid you of this problem.

  • Implementing a wrong lubrication program

    The frequency of lubrication, an insufficient quantity of lubricant or any improper procedure will affect equipment performance. In this respect, you would need to constantly optimize the lubrication program so that it meets the requirements of industrial equipment.

Industrial equipment does not require just one high performance lubricant, it requires an optimal quantity that protects every component. Every equipment has its certain values where the quantity of lubricant used needs to be.

Proactivity will help you maintain your equipment properly lubricated

The implementation of a proper lubrication system will help you maintain your equipment at its maximum performance, but the recommendation of Star Lubricants is that any decision concerning equipment maintenance should be made while keeping in mind proactive actions such as:

  • Identifying lubrication needs for every industrial equipment you have
  • Implementing an oil analysis system like the Signum Analysis
  • Quick remediation of any change in the level of lubricant

Maintaining a proper oil level and an optimal circulation of the lubricants you use for your industrial equipment will ensure that you get the maximum out of all the advantages that a high performance lubricant can offer from a productivity point of view.

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