3 mistakes to avoid when using electrical engine greases

3 mistakes to avoid when using electrical engine greases

Electrical engines are essential for the industrial sector. They can be found in almost any industry, from the metal manufacturing industry to the pulp and paper industry. Proper maintenance of electrical engines can make the difference between a productive plant and a less productive one.

The unpredictable failures of electrical engines are mostly caused by improper lubrication of their bearings. Please find below 3 often mistakes we see when it comes to using electrical engine greases:

  • 1. Improper lubrication: whether we speak of adding an insufficient quantity of lubricant, or a grease change interval that is too long, both can lead to unpredictable defects caused by bearings that are not 100% protected from wear caused by friction. Always respect the equipment manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the quantity of grease used and its change interval.
  • 2. Excess lubrication: one of the myths about bearing maintenance says that adding a big quantity of grease is beneficial for the equipment’s productivity increase. A quantity of grease over the allowed limit will, however, block the temperature inside the bearing and the equipment will be affected. Do not exceed the maximum allowed limit according to the type of application, the operating conditions and the bearing dimensions.
  • 3. Using unfit lubricants: it is extremely important that you use the recommended grease according to the characteristics of every application. Each equipment has its own requirements; choose a grease that has the necessary properties to meet these requirements.

For instance, electrical engine greases from the Mobil Polyrex EM series, distributed in Romania through Star Lubricants, are fit for bearings from a wide variety of industrial applications like:

  • Electrical engines of various dimensions
  • Fans
  • Equipment that operates at high temperatures

Mobil Polyrex EM – high-performance greases for electrical engines

Greases from the Mobil Polyrex EM series have been created for bearings in the electrical engine. The thickening properties offer increased performance for bearings, extending the lifespan of any electrical engine. Apart from this, Mobil Polyrex EM also offers a series of additional benefits for electrical engines:

  • they have an increased saving potential thanks to the extended lifespan of grease
  • protects industrial equipment from corrosion and rust
  • they reduce the level of noise for the application they are used in

In the case of a paper factory in Russia, after starting to use the Mobil Polyrex EM grease for bearings in the electrical engine, there were no interruptions of the production cycles caused by unplanned outages for more than 2 years. Thus they reduced production costs by doubling the bearing lifespan and by reducing grease consumption for electrical engines.(1)

If you wish to have similar results, click the image below and get a customized offer for greases specific to your electrical engine.

(1) These results were obtained by switching from Mobilux EP2 to Mobil Polyrex EM for lubricating bearings in the electrical engines. The results can vary according to the type of equipment used and the way it is maintained, to the functioning conditions and the environment, as well as the lubricant previously used.