4 myths about bearings maintenance for industrial equipment you should stay away from

4 myths about bearings maintenance for industrial equipment you should stay away from

Bearings in industrial equipment are considered "the heart" of any mechanism. If they are properly maintained, they will contribute to the extension of equipment performance, a visible aspect in productivity increase.

Proper maintenance, however, will affect the performance of the equipment and the unpredictible damages will be more often. Given the fact that one of the main causes of bearing failure is incorrect lubrication, please find below a list of 4 myths you should stay away from when it comes to bearing lubrication.

1. It's enough to change the bearing lubricant once a year – FALSE

Each time the grease used deteriorates (after a prolongued use) it is necessary that you make additions so that bearing protection is constant. The frequency you should change or add grease depends on a few factors:

  • the equipment type
  • the speed the equipment functions at
  • the temperature during equipment functioning
  • the degree of grease contamination with external agents

Constantly monitor the change interval and adjust it according to the above factors. Moreover, by using Mobil grease available in Romania through Star Lubricants, you will extend the change interval.

2. Fill up with grease until it overflows alongside the sealing device – FALSE

A very big quantity of lubricant inside the bearing is a possible danger that will lead to an increase in the operating temperature over the allowed limit because the excess grease will block the temperature inside the bearing. Thus the entire equipment will have to suffer. The quantity of grease you have to use depends on the type of application, the operating conditions and the bearing dimensions.

3. If you hear a weird noise coming from the bearing, you need to add grease – FALSE

Any noise coming from the bearing indicates its failure so it needs to be changed immediately. If you continue to use it in those conditions, it will cause damage to the entire equipment. Adding grease to remove the noise is a temporary solution. If the bearing is not replaced, on a long term, the decision will have serious consequences on equipment reliability.

Before changing the bearing, make sure that the suspicious noise does not come from other parts of the equipment like those from the electrical system.

4. Any type of grease is appropriate for bearings – FALSE

Not all greases for bearings are similar. They need to be chosen according to their chemical composition and the characteristics of every type of bearing. For instance, a thicker grease from the texture point of view cannot be used on bearings that work in high speed conditions, while a thinner grease is not adequate for equipment with big loads.

To find out what type of grease you should use to protect the bearings of the industrial equipment you own, contact a Star Lubricants agent who will guide you into making the right decision.

By understanding the myths above, you will make sure that the bearings of your industrial equipment will do their job properly and will contribute to the increase of productivity.

To find out more details about Mobil greases for bearings as well as other products that help you increase productivity in the industry, click the image below and contact a Star Lubricants agent.