How to choose the right lubricant for industrial equipment?

How to choose the right lubricant for industrial equipment?

In any industrial branch, the equipment used must work at the right parameters in order to increase production and reduce the necessary costs for this process. In order to bring industrial equipment performance at its highest, the use of the right quality lubricants and greases is vital.

In each industrial segment the applications are very diverse. Moreover, choosing the right product that increases equipment efficiency must also take into consideration the specific necessities according to the environment and how the equipment is exploited. Star Lubricants offers a wide range of products that help increase industrial equipment productivity.

How to choose the right product?

In order to make sure that you always use the appropriate product, ExxonMobil has created Looble – an online tool that helps you always choose the product that ensures industrial equipment functioning at maximum level of performance.

How does Looble work?

In order to select the right product, you can access the tool here and follow 4 easy steps:

  1. Check the box ”Terms and conditions” and access the application;
  2. Select the way you wish to identify the right product (directly or by using the interactive charts);
  3. If you choose to the get the information directly, you must:
    1. Select the industry of interest;
    2. Choose the operating conditions and the equipment for which you need the product;
    3. Get a product recommendation.
    4. In case you decide to use the interactive charts, the steps are the same but in addition you have the possibility to view interactive charts of the industrial systems you use.

Why use Looble?

The advantages you have by using the selection tool will reflect on productivity increase no matter the industry type. You can find below some of the most important benefits that Looble offers:

  • 1. Time saving: using the application requires very little time, thus you can get the recommendation of the right product for you in approximately 1 minute.
  • 2. Extremely simple to use: follow the steps presented above and you will very easily choose the product you are looking for. Thus, you will avoid the troubles that might appear when you are unsure of the product that helps you increase industrial equipment efficiency.
  • 3. It’s free: to use Looble, you only need an Internet connection.
  • 4. Can be accessed anywhere, anytime: whether you are at the office or at home, Looble is available 24/7 on the ExxonMobil website. Moreover, it also works on mobile devices.
  • 5. It is 100 % accurate: created by ExxonMobil, the tool is based on the over 100 years’ expertise in the field, meaning the products that Looble recommends are always the right ones to increase industrial equipment efficiency.

For more than 20 years, the partnership developed with ExxonMobil has helped us offer the best solutions to increase industrial equipment efficiency. Apart from the Looble tool, our agents can always offer details on how you can benefit as well from the advantages of Mobil industrial lubricants. Click here, to get their contact details according to your location.