5 reasons you should choose synthetic oil and not a mineral oil

5 reasons you should choose synthetic oil and not a mineral oil

Car engines are becoming increasingly more efficient. To keep up with these changes, maintenance products, such as engine oils, are constantly developing. A turning point in the history of engine oil was the making of synthetic oils. Ever since the first semi-synthetic oils were created, over 50 years ago, mineral oils started to be left aside by more and more car owners.

See below 5 of the most frequent reasons why moving from a mineral to a synthetic oil is a natural action for engine performance increase.

1. Constant performance when using synthetic oils

Synthetic oils like Mobil 1 have a characteristic that is not specific to mineral oils: stability at temperature variations. Thanks to this feature, the same synthetic oil can be used during the cold season, as well as during the hot one, to protect the engine. If in the case of mineral oils you had to choose another type of oil according to the season, synthetic oils are not influenced by this aspect.

2. Fuel economy

Another benefit of synthetic engine oils is fuel economy. This is visible thanks to the high fluidity the synthetic oil has. Mineral oil is thicker and moves slower at low temperatures, compared to synthetic oils that grease the engine immediately so that it reaches optimal operating efficiency in the shortest time. Thus the engine takes less energy which translates into smaller fuel requirements.

3. Increased endurance

Mobil 1 synthetic engine oils distributed in Romania by Star Lubricants maintain their features longer than mineral oils. Thus, the oil change interval for synthetic oil is almost double compared to the one for mineral oil. Even though a synthetic oil is more expensive than a mineral oil, on a long term it’s actually cheaper. This is because fuel economy and wear reduction compensate the cost with the oil.

4. Performance in extreme conditions

The superior characteristics of synthetic oils like Mobil 1 help protect the engine at maximum performance even in the harshest conditions. The best proof is the fact that race pilots use synthetic oils to get maximum performances at rally races. For instance, Mobil 1 through Star Lubricants supports the BCR Leasing Rally Team in the race for performance during the National Rally Championship.

5. Lasting engine protection

Mineral oils have an acid composition that results from the presence of Carbon in their structure. This is damaging to engine components and the vital parts, such as garnishes or oil-retainer rings, wear faster. On the other hand, synthetic oils contain additives specially created to avoid such damage.

The synthetic oil will do its job and will protect the engine without unwanted adverse effects on other car parts. Apart from this, synthetic oils are cleaner compared to conventional mineral oils and contribute to the reduction of exhaust release in the athmosphere.

Mobil 1 synthetic oils are an effective alternative to classical mineral oils when you want to increase engine life span. To find out which type of oil suits the car you are driving, click here and see the Mobil 1 recommendations according to the make of your car. Additionally, should you want a customised offer for one of the Mobil 1 products, click the image below and get an offer adapted to your needs.