May 2017

Star Lubricants wins Circle of Excellence - 2016

Star Lubricants has been named for the second year in a row, the winner of the Circle of Excellence - 2016 competition in the "Business Performance" section, which evaluates in detail all performance aspects of ExxonMobil's partner companies.

Operating for over two decades on the Romanian market, Star Lubricants has distinguished itself through innovative initiatives and programs that meet the most diverse needs of consumers. Our company has been chosen as the winner after a fierce competition involving over 20 renowned companies in southern Europe.

For the first time in the last 20 years, we have entered into direct competition with major companies from France, Italy, Spain, with a tradition of over 50 years in the field of lubrication. When discussing the longevity of private companies in Romania, we refer to companies that are active in the market for up to 27 years, 23 years in our case.

It is a great honor for us to be recognized for our initiatives, strategy, teamwork, within such an important framework. We would like to congratulate on this occasion the second place winners - Lubrigrupo, Portugal and respectivly the third place winners - TTA Lubrifiants, France, because they represent a real development model in this field

Silviu Mototolea, CEO of Star Lubricants

In the same contest, Star Lubricants won for the second consecutive time the silver award in the category "Distributor Industrial Excellence". The distinction was received for the development of a complex program dedicated to the plastics industry, which implied intense collaboration between colleagues in the marketing, sales and technical departments.

We have worked together with major players in the plastics industry to develop customized lubrication solutions. It's a lengthy process, but customer satisfaction must always come first. Now, after a period of three years, the results have also appeared. We are proud to work with one out of six plastics manufacturers in Romania and to provide them with increased productivity in equipment cleaning conditions

Silviu Mototolea, CEO of Star Lubricants

Also within this edition, Star Lubricants won the Silver Award in the "Distributor Motorsport Excellence" category. The distinction is a recognition of our involvement in the last 15 years in the Romanian motor sport, along with renowned partners, as well as the organization of numerous online and offline events and competitions for motor sports lovers.

We realized from the very beginning that we have the honor to represent in Romania a top brand with great weight in the motor industry, synonymous with the performance - MOBIL 1.

This has led us to build continuity between internationally-run actions by ExxonMobil - the Nascar, Porsche SuperCup and Formula 1 performance alongside McLaren or RedBull Racing and those developed nationally.

We have been actively involved in supporting motor sports in our country for the past 15 years , especially in the rally segment, and this has brought significant victories and titles to the teams we support.

Silviu Mototolea, CEO of Star Lubricants

Out of passion for performance,
Star Lubricants Team