Increase the performance of farming machinery by using the best lubricants

Increase the performance of farming machinery by using the best lubricants

Despite the fact that agriculture has been practiced since ancient times even with the simplest tools, the quantity and quality of production are directly influenced by the performance of the farming machinery used.

In agriculture, there are a number of risk factors that must be considered. Some of them are uncontrollable and unpredictable, as precipitation level, possible plant diseases or the quality of the agricultural activity. Others, such as the quality of the engines and mechanisms of the farming machinery, the quality of seeds and soil are completely controllable.

The use of agricultural lubricants - essential for a lasting and flawless operation

Proper maintenance of the equipment used in agriculture is very important, particularly when a long operating lifespan is expected. In Romania, over 73% of the tractors and combine harvesters in use at the moment have a greatly outdated lifespan, according to an analysis by MARD (the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development). The strategy developed by MARD for the period 2020-2030 highlights the need for sustainable development in this area.

Thus, MARD informed that the need for funding for the purchase of modern farming machinery in line with European standards is a priority.

It is important that all farmers be aware that the equipment maintenance is essential even from the moment of their acquisition. Thus, a lot of risks are avoided and the lifespan of the equipment can be significantly extended.

The use of lubricants is one of the most important things that can be done in order to avoid premature corrosion as well as other risks which may lead to a rapid failure of farming machinery.

In case of a technical failure, the time passed until repair can have serious consequences on production, so it is better to avoid such situations. Even if they do not go out of order, in the absence of the right lubricants, the engines and the entire mechanism of a farming machine lose their effectiveness.

Here are the main reasons why agricultural lubricants should be used on a regular basis

  • The maintenance and repair costs drop dramatically
  • The operating lifespan of the equipment is increased by up to 4 times
  • The staff needed for repairs and maintenance can be reduced
  • The engine performance is at a maximum
  • The entire mechanism operates significantly better at low temperatures
  • The machine is protected against corrosion and rust
  • The operating temperature is considerably reduced
  • Wear occurs much later
  • Contaminants can be removed from the system
  • The power and cooling transfer becomes faster and more efficient
  • Fuel consumption can be reduced

These are just some of the most important reasons why every farmer should consider the use of lubricants for such equipment. This information is essential when wanting to make a decision, but it is not enough to enable us to choose a high-quality lubricant.

When and how to use lubricants for farming machinery?

Proper and regular maintenance of the equipment used in agriculture is vital, but it is very important that it be done correctly. In this regard, lubricants must be adapted to the type of the equipment used and to its engine type.

The operation and maintenance manual of the machine can be of great help when searching for the best lubricant for the machine we use. Also, the product’s specifications which we choose to work with are important to consider before purchasing it.

The lubricants must meet the European standards, and this can be easily seen on the product label. The machine’s type of engine is also one of the essential information we need to analyze when choosing the lubricant.

In the agricultural industry, synthetic lubricants are recommended instead of the conventional ones. They are made only from synthetic bases and they have a much higher viscosity than mineral or semi-synthetic lubricants. They are recommended for farming machinery due to their high resistance and protection against evaporation and oxidation. Furthermore, the use of synthetic lubricants leads to the extension of the lubricant change interval and to a high performance of the equipment.

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