2016 - The year of excellent results for Star Lubricants

2016 - The year of excellent results for Star Lubricants

The year 2016 brought the Star Lubricants team excellent results that any company would be proud of. Because these results would not have existed without your help, we are grateful to share with you the remarkable things we obtained on all levels during the year that has just ended.

2016 got off to a good start due to the awards obtained during the Circle of Excellence, a competition which assesses in detail all the performances of ExxonMobil’s partner companies. This award is the result of the work of the Star Lubricants team and confers recognition for the results of the entire company.

This year, as every year, we continued to be as close to you as possible by attending prestigious trade shows both in the country and abroad.

We also tried to provide you with topical information through the 51 articles published on our site, as well as through our official Facebook page, where we managed to grow the Mobil fans community with 23.46%.

We reward the loyalty of our clients

Your loyalty has been rewarded accordingly through the 3 campaigns organized throughout 2016. So we granted over 500 prizes, one of which was a prize worth over 2000 euro.

Continuing to support the motor sport in 2016

Star Lubricants continued in 2016 the tradition of supporting the BCR Rally Team crews during the Romanian National Rally Championship. There were 8 extremely disputed rally stages, which brought in the end two national champions titles, one of vice champions and three appearances on the final podium.

We continue to support performance within our community

The Star Lubricants team was and still is an important supporter of the community we are all part of. Thus, through the events organized in 2016 we contributed to the community’s development on different levels.

We continue to aim for excellence

All the above successes would not have been possible without the hard work, dedication and ambition of each member of our team, nor without the good cooperation with our partners across the country and with you. Only together we have been able to achieve such high performances.

In 2017 we will continue to develop projects that are at least as interesting as the previous ones that will enable us to bring the performance of the Mobil brand closer to you.