Performant agriculture with the best lubricants for agricultural machinery

Performant agriculture with the best lubricants for agricultural machinery

Agriculture is one of the activity areas essential for economic development, which is why it must be conducted in the most efficient way. Farmers, as well as owners of businesses in this domain, know the risks of using equipment and machinery in poor operational condition. Fortunately, however, there are multiple solutions to avoid malfunctions and to extend the life of agricultural machinery in order for you to obtain favorable results in agriculture.

The use of high quality lubricants represents the main factor influencing the performance of machines and, automatically, the crop quality. The instructions book of the machinery used in agriculture indicates all the details on the process of their maintaining. You can also find in the instructions book all the important details on the types of lubricants suitable in the maintenance process.

Despite the fact that agriculture has been practiced since ancient times even with the simplest tools, the quantity and quality of the production is also directly influenced by the performance of the agricultural machinery.

In agriculture, there are a number of risk factors that must be taken into consideration. Some of them are uncontrollable and unpredictable, as rainfall level, possible plant diseases or quality of the agricultural activity. Others, such as the quality of the motors and mechanisms of agricultural machinery, seeds and soil quality are completely controllable.

How does a lubricant increase the performance of agricultural equipment?

Reducing the frequency of the agricultural machinery lubrication and increasing the protection level are two of the main reasons why you should use high quality lubricants throughout your business. Instead, the use of lower quality lubricants can have serious consequences on the equipment, whose resistance will be significantly reduced.

Therefore, the use of performant lubricants should be prioritized in the maintenance process of agricultural machinery. This behavior is preventive, proactive and can decrease the costs of maintenance and repair. Moreover, the mechanisms’ lifespan can increase with several years and you will be able to use certain equipment for a long time.

Agricultural lubricants prevent the formation of premature corrosion and have the power to remove contaminants from the entire system of the agricultural equipment.

Another reason considered by most business owners in the agricultural area is increasing the profit. Thus, by using some equipment for longer, by participating in a sustainable agriculture and by reducing a faulty operation of equipment, you can have richer and more profitable harvests.

Proper maintenance of the equipment used for agriculture is very important, particularly when a long operation life is expected. In Romania, over 73% of the tractors and harvesters in use have a greatly exceeded lifespan, according to an analysis made by MADR (the Romanian Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development). The strategy developed for the period 2020-2030 by MADR highlights the need for sustainable development in this area.

Here are the main reasons why agricultural lubricants should be used regularly

  • Maintenance and repair costs drop dramatically
  • Lifespan of the machines increases by up to 4 times
  • The staff required for repairs and maintenance can be reduced
  • Engine performance is at a maximum
  • The entire system works better at low temperatures
  • The machine is protected against corrosion, rust
  • The operating temperature is considerably reduced
  • Wear occurs much later
  • Contaminants can be removed from the system
  • Power and cooling transfer becomes faster and more effective
  • Fuel consumption can be reduced

These are just some of the most important reasons why every agricultural producer should consider the use of lubricants for such equipment. This information is essential when wanting to make a decision, but not enough to be able to choose a high quality lubricant.

What are the best agricultural lubricants?

If you are looking for a better plan for the productivity of your business in the agricultural domain, the Mobil lubricants specially formulated for agricultural machinery, and distributed in Romania through the authorized distributor Star Lubricants, can bring you numerous benefits.

The Mobil lubricants are formulated in accordance with the environmental laws, thus preventing problems caused by the possible occurrence of accidental spillage or leakage of oils dangerous to the soil.

Often, such problems cannot be detected in a timely manner, leading to the boycott of own crops. For this reason, the Mobil synthetic lubricants are formulated specifically for equipment used outdoors, they have a high viscosity and the temperature at which they burn is extremely high.

The main properties recommending the Mobil lubricants and which are found in all oils intended for agricultural use are:

  • Hydraulic efficiency
  • High viscosity index
  • Resistance to corrosion and wear
  • Resistance to oxidation and thermal stability
  • Compatibility with various types of seals and hoses
  • High capacity of air separation
  • Compatibility with a wide variety of metals

When and how to use lubricants for agricultural machinery?

The proper and regular maintenance of the equipment used in agriculture is vital, but it is very important that it be done correctly. In this regard, the lubricants must be adapted to the type of equipment used and to its engine type.

The instruction book of the equipment can be of great help when in search of the best lubricant for the equipment used. Also, the product’s specifications we choose to work with are important to be analyzed before purchasing.

The lubricants must meet the European standards, and this can be easily seen on the product’s label. The engine type of the machine is also one of the essential pieces of information you need to follow when choosing the lubricant.

In the agricultural industry, synthetic lubricants are recommended instead of the conventional ones. They are made only from synthetic bases and have a much higher viscosity than that of mineral or semi-synthetic lubricants. They are recommended for agricultural machinery due to the high resistance and protection against evaporation and oxidation. Furthermore, the use of synthetic lubricants leads to the prolongation of the lubricant’s change interval and to a high performance of the equipment.

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