4 unknown curious facts about engine oil

4 unknown curious facts about engine oil

It is said that a car loses its value the first second it comes out of the factory. This is caused by the inevitable wear that occurs once the car is running. Since the devaluation of a car cannot be eliminated, related products were created to protect components from wear and to prolong the lifespan of cars.

Thus, products such as synthetic engine oils, cleaning products, fuel and high quality spare parts will support car owners who wish to have a car without problems for longer.

Anyone who owns a car knows that engine oil, besides fuel, is a key ingredient which can increase engine performance and can protect it from wear. Although the importance of engine oil is known to most of us, there are some aspects less known about this vital element. See below 4 of these curious facts about engine oils.

1. A high-performance engine oil can withstand extreme temperatures

Firstly, this is vital for any engine oil because engines inevitably heat up during runtime and secondly, because cars should run optimally regardless of the weather conditions.

For example, Mobil 1 oils were chosen in 2003 to protect the engines of the cars of the "Drive Around the World Expedition" project, during which over 45,000 km have been made in extreme temperature conditions: from +53°C to -50°C.

2. Engine oil is not designed exclusively for your car

Most people associate an engine oil with a certain car, but this is not necessarily the case. For example, Mobil 1 oils may also be used for lawnmowers, snow throwers and other types of machines equipped with small engines.

Moreover, since 1999, Mobil 1 has also marketed special oils for motorcycles which offer the same high protection as in cars.

Always follow the manufacturer's specifications for the machine you are using when it comes to choose the right engine oil.

3. There is no generally valid optimal interval for oil changes

The most common question is related to engine oil change intervals. If you ask a mechanic, he will probably tell you that after 5000 km you are awaited to the repair shop for an oil change. Another mechanic will tell you that he will await you for an oil change after 10,000 km.

The fact is that opinions are divided, so the best answer will always come from the manufacturer of your car.

Beside this, it is advisable to check the oil level every 2-3 fuel fillings in order to avoid improper lubrication of the engine’s parts due to low oil level.

4. Changing engine oil too frequently is not recommended

There is a myth saying that if you change the engine oil more often, you will help increase engine performance, but this habit is not recommended. On the contrary, rather than changing the oil more frequently, by using a 100% synthetic oil you will be able to increase oil change intervals because such an oil maintains its properties for longer.

There are many myths and curiosities going around among car owners, but you should note that the most reliable advice will always come from the car manufacturer because it is in the best position to say what and how it works for the car manufactured by it.

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