3 top advantages of Mobil Greases for industrial equipment

3 top advantages of Mobil Greases for industrial equipment

The industrial sector continues to have rising demands for the equipment used. Thus, to protect such equipment you need high performance industrial greases like those from the Mobil range, distributed in Romania through Star Lubricants.

Industrial greases are used in most sectors, from energy and construction to the food or plastics industry. Beside the fact that they lubricate the mechanisms so they can operate at peak performance, the Mobil industrial greases function as a barrier against contamination.

Moreover, see below the 3 most important advantages that the Mobil greases bring to your industrial equipment.

1. Reduce friction between the equipment’s components

The wear caused by the friction phenomenon is one of the main causes of industrial equipment failures. Mobil greases act like a shield against this damaging phenomenon. Thus, the components of the equipment will work perfectly as a whole which contributes to the increasing of productivity.

By reducing friction between components, you can:

  • Avoid unforeseen failures
  • Increase the optimal operating time of the equipment

A good example in this respect is the use of the Mobil SHC Polyrex 462 grease by a paper mill in Turkey, which managed to reduce by 80% the bearings’ failures in the equipment used. If before using this grease there was an average of 5 downtimes/month caused by faults, the number has significantly decreased.

2. Protect the industrial equipment even in extreme conditions

The variety of industrial sectors presumes the operation of the equipment under the most extreme conditions - from temperatures between -40°C and +80°C to environments with very high humidity levels and excessive dirt, as it is the case of the domains of constructions or exploitation of natural resources.

Taking this matter into account, the greases protecting the equipment should maintain their properties regardless of the operating conditions. Mobil Greases are formulated so as to retain their qualities in order to maintain the lubrication of the equipment from low to very high temperatures, but also in extreme environments with very high humidity levels or excessive dirt.

3. Reduce the costs related to the maintenance of the equipment

The implementation of an effective process regarding the maintenance of the equipment is a priority in any industrial sector, but an effective process can also mean very high costs. However, the use of Mobil grease does not only provide protection for the equipment, but it also helps reduce the re-lubrication interval and grease consumption. These aspects ultimately translate into lower costs associated with the maintenance of the equipment.

For example, by using the Mobilgrease XHP 222 grease for the bearings in the equipment of a construction company in Egypt, the company managed to achieve savings of more than $82,000 through the simple increase of the grease changing interval.

Mobil Greases - a Swiss army knife for the industrial equipment

The 3 advantages described above are just the icing on the cake when it comes to the benefits that industrial greases can bring to your equipment. The balanced grease formulas developed by ExxonMobil for over 150 years work like a Swiss army knife of the lubrication system because they bring you benefits from all directions:

  • Keep the lubrication effective in a variety of conditions
  • Increase the lifespan of the equipment
  • Reduce maintenance costs and safety risks
  • Protect the equipment against contaminants

If you want to enjoy similar benefits for your industrial equipment, click on the image below and get a customized offer for industrial greases.

* The results mentioned in this material are based on the particular experience of ExxonMobil customers. They may vary depending on the type of equipment to the way it is maintained, to the functioning and environment conditions, as well as depending on the previously used grease.