How to make sure that the engine oils that you use are genuine

How to make sure that the engine oils that you use are genuine

Lately there has been information in the press on the dangers of counterfeit engine oils that may have entered the Romania market as well. To make sure that the engine oil you purchase is original and can help you provide a 100% protection to the engine, see below 6 elements that can help you distinguish between an original engine oil and a counterfeit one.

1. The supplier

The simplest way to check if the engine oil is counterfeit is by checking the supplier. Given that in the European community area there are standards that suppliers must meet, the chances of an oil imported from the European community to be counterfeit are falling. This is why Star Lubricants distributes only Mobil oils imported from the European community.

2. The distributor

Always check if the lubricant distributor is authorized. Star Lubricants is the official representative of ExxonMobil and therefore an official and credible source of Mobil lubricants for the Romanian market. All oils distributed by Star Lubricants have a label with our company’s data.

For over 20 years we are supplier to the major players in the automotive field (general importers of cars, authorized car dealerships and large and small independent shops). We also supply lubricants stores networks as well as independent shops.

3. The price

If the price for a particular lubricant is lower than the market average, you should double-check the origin of the product in question. Otherwise you risk using a counterfeit oil which will have serious repercussions on your car’s engine.

4. The packaging

Make sure the packaging does not have strange inscriptions on it. The labels and caps of the oil drums must match the original ones. Thus, Mobil 1 drums are always gray or black, and the caps are gray, black, green or blue.

5. The color and smell

An original engine oil is usually golden and clear, while a counterfeit one has a brown or black color. This is caused by the fact that most counterfeit oils are made of used oils. Therefore pay attention to its color. Also, if the engine oil has a burnt smell when you open the drum, it is most probably counterfeit.

6. The consistency/viscosity

This element must be taken into consideration especially by experienced users who have previously used the same type of oil. If you notice a change in the consistency (viscosity) of the oil when you do an oil change, double-check its origin.

Follow the above tips when choosing the engine oil for your car to make sure that you will protect it from the negative effects of the use of counterfeit oils. Also, if you are not sure what type of lubricant is suitable for the brand of car you own, click here and use the application "Which Oil", available in Romania through Star Lubricants.