New trends in the industry of lubricants for refrigeration equipment

New trends in the industry of lubricants for refrigeration equipment

The global food supply requires refrigeration systems that are more and more efficient. Furthermore, the aspects regarding environmental protection and the new legislation requirements regarding refrigeration equipment bring major changes in the technologies developed in this domain. These changes also have a major impact on the selection of lubricants for refrigeration equipment.

See below how the synthetic lubricants for refrigeration equipment distributed in Romania by Star Lubricants respond to these trends.

Changes in global perspective

In what environmental legislation is concerned, it can be noticed that specialists tend to recommend natural refrigerants such as ammonia, CO2 and hydrocarbons (HCS). Although it is likely that hydrocarbons will continue to be used only for household appliances, more and more promoters of these agents recommend their use for larger equipment, such as ice machines. Moreover, one of the largest manufacturers of beverages in the world stated that it expects to complete in 2015 the transition to the use of hydrocarbons in new equipment.

Lubricants miscibility and solubility - key elements for choosing them

Most current industrial refrigeration equipment are systems in which cooling is based on the evaporation of a refrigerant fluid such as hydrocarbons, ammonia or CO2. Thus, the nature of the refrigerant fluid will determine both the lubrication technology used and the recommended viscosity. In this regard, the miscibility and solubility of the lubricant in contact with the refrigerant are key elements to consider when choosing the right lubricant.

For instance, if the two fluids separate because of improper properties of miscibility, the refrigerant fluid may remain in the evaporation system, thereby affecting the efficiency of the refrigeration equipment.

Also, in compressors, high pressure and high temperature may lower the viscosity of the lubricant. The negative effects of low viscosity can be reduced by choosing the appropriate lubricant depending on the specific needs of each type of equipment.

Mobil Gargoyle Arctic SHC - refrigeration oil for refrigeration equipment

The Mobil Gargoyle Arctic SHC lubricants are recommended for the lubrication of refrigeration compressors operating at very high temperatures and for equipment with low temperatures at the level of the evaporator.

Their viscosity index and their fluidity at low temperature enable them to protect the equipment even under severe operating conditions, where ammonia is used as a refrigerant.

New technologies are constantly developing

Lately, there are emerging new alternative refrigeration technologies, such as magnetic refrigeration. Some specialists estimate that this technology could cover 80% of the already existing refrigeration equipment market. However, current technologies are expected to continue to be used in the near future.

Regardless of how the technology will develop, the full range of Mobil lubricants for the food industry, distributed in Romania by Star Lubricants, meets the needs of an evolving market.

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