How to increase productivity with Mobil greases - case studies

How to increase productivity with Mobil greases - case studies

Regardless of the industry sector in which it is used, industrial equipment needs extra protection in order to operate at full capacity. And this support comes from industrial greases. They are used to protect equipment whether we talk about the energy sector, manufacturing, construction and exploitation of natural resources sector, auto industry or other sectors.

Along with industry development, equipment requirements have become higher. Mobil greases, distributed in Romania by the authorized distributor Star Lubricants, offer the possibility to improve productivity, aspect which is correlated with lower costs and which brings a great benefit in every industry sector.

ExxonMobil specialists constantly improve the formulas of industrial greases in order to meet the latest requirements of the market. And this is most obvious in field tests. See below 3 case studies proving how Mobil industrial greases have made significant contributions in increasing the productivity of industrial equipment.

1. Reduction of grease consumption

One of Mobil greases' properties is their extended lifespan. Therefore, they retain their properties for a longer period of time compared to conventional greases. In the case of an oil platform in Siberia, the extension of time intervals between relubrication operations was successfully managed by using Mobilith SHC 220 grease.

The company was originally using a rival brand of grease, but its properties were not sufficient to protect the bearings. Thus, they were reaching temperatures up to 80° C, which led to leaks and to the need of daily relubrication of the industrial bearings.

Switching to Mobilith SHC 220 grease, a grease with stable thermal properties, helped to lower the bearings' temperature down to 60° C. Thus, there were achieved benefits such as:

  • a 4-time decrease in the interval between relubrication operations
  • significant reduction of grease consumption
  • considerable savings in terms of maintenance costs

2. Increasing the lifespan of industrial equipment

Another case in which the performance of Mobil greases brought considerable savings refers to a construction company in Egypt. In its case, after switching to Mobilgrease XHP 222 grease for the bearings of its construction equipment, it achieved savings of $ 82,000 over a period of 2 years.

The savings were achieved due to the properties of the grease, which contains a Lithium Complex Base. Thus, the company managed to:

  • increase bearings lifespan by protecting them against oxidation and corrosion
  • double the grease change interval

3. Reduction of unexpected failures

One of the aspects that can affect industrial productivity refers to unexpected equipment failures. Thus, Mobil greases protect equipment in order to avoid such undesirable events.

For example, in the case of a paper factory in Turkey, using Mobil SHC Polyrex 462 grease helped reduce bearings failures of the equipment used by 80%. Initially, the bearings were lubricated with a mineral grease, which was leading to approximately 5 stops/month was caused by faults. By using Polyrex 462 Mobil SHC grease, these stops decreased by 80% in the first year in which the equipment was monitored.

But the final benefit was noticed in the production increase and in the reduction of maintenance costs, which totaled approximately $ 266,000.

The 3 examples above represent just a small part of the proven performance of Mobil industrial greases used in industry sectors worldwide. If you want to get similar results, click on the image below and request a customized offer.

A Star Lubricants representative will contact and recommend you the right Mobil greases that can help you increase the productivity and reliability of the equipment used.

* The results presented in this article are based on the particular experience of customers. They may vary depending on the type of equipment used and on its maintenance, on its operating and environmental conditions, as well as on the grease previously used.