Objectives reached at the end of the season for the BCR Leasing Rally Team

Objectives reached at the end of the season for the BCR Leasing Rally Team

The National Rally Championship 2015 was an extreme one and has tested the experience and the competence of the BCR Leasing Rally Teams. Nevertheless, at the end of the 8 races we take pride in very good results obtained with all the teams powered by Star Lubricants:

  • 2nd place in the team class
  • The title of Absolute National Vice-champion, won by the Gergo Szabo - Karoly Borbely crew and 3rd place in 2nd Class
  • 3rd place in general classification and in 3rd Class, won by crew Edwin Keleti - Botond Csomortani

It is an excellent result at the end of the season for us. We are very satisfied with the result: absolute national vice-champions and vice-champions at team level!

said Gergo Szabo at the end of the last rally competition in Harghita

A season where each competition was full of adrenalin

The first stage in the 2015 season took place, according to tradition, in Brașov. The teams have lined up at the start ready to face any challenge from the beginning, and the results were visible from the beginning. Thus, they reached the stage from the very first competition, getting the 2nd place in the team competitions.

The rhythm at the trials pleases us completely given the huge rolling difference from between seasons compared to our direct opponents, but maybe this is exactly why we are confident that we will be able to increase the pace naturally throughout the season.

said Edwin Keleti with confidence after the first rally competition

Just as expected, in such a competitive event like the National Rally Championship, the teams also faced extreme situations that challenged their determination and their ambition. However, they managed to overcome the obstacles each time.

Even though the Iași rally was considered by Adrian Teslovan and Imre Cseh one of the favorite teams, they were forced to abandon the race from the first day of the competition in Iași. Nevertehless, the crew did not give up and continued the 2nd day of the competition in the Super Rally, getting the best time in the last two special competitions of the Dacia Cup.

Sadly for us, luck was not on our side at the Iasi competition, as the gearbox died during the 3rd special competition in Iași, forcing us to quit. Back at the service park, the technical team replaced the gearbox with a normal one and we started again the next day under the Super Rally rule. We are pleased with the rythm at the trials, but a bit frutrated by our evolution this year, a year with unwanted events, mistakes, bad luck and at the same time full of rewards like belonging in a team of real professionals, with experience from the situations faced.

declared Adrian Teslovan after the competition in Iași

The determination and experience of the crews brought very good results in each competition. For instance, the Moldova Rally (26th-27th of June) went "smoothly" for the BCR Leasing Rally Team. In this stage the crews got the best result of the 2015 managing to get the 1st place in teams competition.

The race continues at an international level

Even through the internal competition reached its end, Star Lubricants and Mobil 1 continued to support the performances of Romanian pilots. Thus, we were used to during this year, Alex Filip and Bogdan Iancu will race in a new stage of the European Rally Competition. Between the 29th and the 31st of October, the two will start at the Rallye International du Valais, which will take place in Switzerland. We are keeping our fingers crossed and hope they come back home with important points in the Campionatul European.

We are optimistic about the new season

We are glad to have been beside the BCR Leasing Rally Team crews in the 2015 season as well. We would like to congradulate them for their effort adn we are happy that their results were very good. We would also like to thank you, the motor sport fans, for supporting the crews throughout this year’s rally stages.