Mobil Industrial Round Table 2015 - the first edition dedicated to the plastics industry

Mobil Industrial Round Table 2015 - the first edition dedicated to the plastics industry

On the 10th and the 11th of November 2015, Star Lubricants will organize, together with partners from ExxonMobil, a new edition of Mobil Industrial Round Table, a conference dedicated to representatives from companies that work in the industry sector.

The event will take place in Timișoara (November 10th) and in Bucharest (November 11th) and will have the following topic: "Energy Efficiency, Equipment Cleanup and Productivity Increase in the Plastics Industry."

In these two days, you will hear the latest news in the field of industrial lubricants used in the plastics industry. The attendees will find out how Mobil lubricants help them increase productivity and energy efficiency in industrial processes, respecting at the same time the current sustainability principles.

The plastics industry is one of the most competitive industry sectors thanks to the request of plastic mass which is continually growing. This trend is visible no matter if we speak about the packing sector or the car manufacturing one, where plastic components contribute to making more efficient cars. Given the market tendencies, it is natural that Mobil Round Table discusses topics related to energy efficiency, equipment cleanliness and productivity increase in the plastics industry.

Marius Bucșa, Industrial Sales Manager, Star Lubricants

Just like the previous edition, this year’s edition of Mobil Industrial Round Table has the support of ExxonMobil, thus among the guests you will see expert speakers from our partners. Also, this year we will also enjoy the presence of Energy Consulting Allgäu from Germany, who will talk about how you can get an ISO 50001 certification, an extremely important aspect to reach energy efficiency.

Together with Star Lubricants representatives, the speakers present at the event will be prepared to offer advice to ensure maximum performance of the Mobil lubricants used during the industrial operations like those characteristic to injection molding machinery.

The main topics will be:

  • The importance of Mobil industrial lubricants in increasing energy efficiency
  • Equipment cleanliness and productivity in the plastics industry
  • How to monitor oil with the Signum Analysis
  • How to apply concepts of proactive maintenance to increase equipment cleanliness
  • How Mobil lubricants can help you increase hydraulic system efficiency

Apart from the prepared subjects, the event will also have a very good networking opportunity between the representatives of the important companies in the Romanian plastics industry who have already accepted the invitation from Star Lubricants.

If you require more information about the event that will take place this fall in Bucharest and Timișoara, click the button below and contact us.