15 easy steps to change a flat tire

15 easy steps to change a flat tire

During this period many people chose to drive their personal cars when on holiday. Apart from the fuel saving, drivers can also face unpredictable situations. One of these is a flat tire. Especially since it happens on a low traffic road and in an area where there are no repair shops every few kilometers.

Thus, the last thing you need when going on holiday by car is to get stuck on the side of the road. In order to avoid such trouble, please find below 15 easy steps to follow when changing a flat tire.

Even if you’re not getting ready for holiday or if you choose another means of transportation, it will be beneficial for you to read the steps below. This is important as no matter how advanced the car manufacturing technology is, there’s still no self-changing flat tire.

  • 1. Stop the car outside of the roadway and as close as possible to its side end.

  • 2. Turn on the emergency lights.

  • 3. Secure your car (stop the engine, pull the hand break and shift into 1st gear or in “P” if you have an automatic drive).

  • 4. Make sure the car is stopped on an even surface (avoid hills).

  • 5. Install the warning triangles in front and behind the car, on the same lane, at least 30 m away from it, so that you are seen on time by the other participants to traffic and to be safe.

  • 6. Remove your spare tire from the trunk along with the jack and the tire key.

  • 7. If applicable, remove the wheel caps and other existing protection.

  • 8. Before elevating the car, unscrew everything with the special key.

  • 9. Place the jack under the car where you have the flat tire. There’s usually a special place so that you don’t bend the door step.

  • 10. Make sure you position it properly and then start elevating the car until the flat tire is in the air.

  • 11. Unscrew all the screws and remove the wheel. This will be temporarily placed under the car, next to the jack as a precaution in case the latter fails.

  • 12. Replace the flat tire with the spare one, put the screws back and tighten them up a little.

  • 13. Take the flat tire from under the car and lower the car down by rotating the jack handle the other way.

  • 14. Tighten up the dowel screws really well (if you like, after driving a few kilometers check the screws and see if they are still tight).

  • 15. Given the fact that changing a tire is a pretty dirty job, it would be advisable for you to have tissues in your car, along with water and a hand cleaning substance.

All these steps should not take longer than 15 minutes, after which you can resume to driving safely. Even if the spare tire can help you reach your destination safely, it is best for you to stop at the first repair shop to fix the tire or to replace it with a proper one, especially since it is not advisable to drive long distances with the spare tire.

Aside from this aspect, make sure that you protect your car from wear and for that you should follow the steps from this article. Before hitting the road, go through the list above and make sure that you are prepared to change a flat tire if required. Thus you will have a nice and sure travel to your preferred holiday destination.