Increase hydraulic equipment effectiveness with Mobil DTE

Increase hydraulic equipment effectiveness with Mobil DTE

The more and more competitive global economy makes producers in any industry want to get maximum productivity out of the equipment they use. Any increase in the productivity of industrial equipment can make the difference between profit and loss. Moreover, concerns about the environment demand that all industrial products insist on durability and energy effectiveness.

No matter the size or complexity of hydraulic equipment, the proper maintenance of system components and the use of an appropriate hydraulic oil are essential in maximizing energy effectiveness and repair cost reduction.

6 steps for hydraulic equipment maintenance

Proper function of hydraulic equipment is tied directly to hydraulic oil maintenance, because it’s not effective to use quality hydraulic oil if the equipment itself does not work within the right parameters. See below a list of 6 things that you can ask your mechanic when it comes to hydraulic equipment maintenance:

  • 1. Check hydraulic oil level
  • 2. Check ventilation filters
  • 3. Check pressure indicators
  • 4. Check possible leaks visible at joints of tubing and pipes
  • 5. Constant check of working temperatures
  • 6. Analyzing a sample of oil through checking color and smell to see if there are contamination signs.

Mobil DTE 20 – hydraulic oils compatible with every sealing device

Oil leaks are frequently seen in the industry and much more in hydraulic systems. Even though apparently some lost drops don’t seem to be a problem, the costs associated with this phenomenon can lead to important loss concerning hydraulic equipment profitability. In this respect, they are composed of sealing devices that reduce oil losses.

In order to make sure that the sealing devices do their job, ExxonMobil has developed the oils from the Mobil DTE 20 series, that are compatible with a wide range of such devices. Mobil DTE reduces oil leaks while it contributes to the extension of hydraulic equipment endurance. Apart from this, your employees will be safe as it reduces the danger of slipping on oil drops.

Hydraulic oils – a basic ingredient for hydraulic systems

Hydraulic oils represent the key ingredient that makes the hydraulic system work. They:

  • send pressure and energy,
  • make sure there are no leaks between the components,
  • reduce wear caused by friction,
  • eliminate heat,
  • protect the surfaces against rust.

For instance, in the case of the injection molding machine, that has relatively high temperatures and a high energy consumption because of the repeated functioning cycles, the use of hydraulic oils like Mobil DTE will reduce energy consumption and will lead to a higher productivity.

Hydraulic equipment is used in various fields in the industry so when you choose the type of hydraulic oil, do not forget to also check the manufacturer’s specifications. Click the image below and contact a Star Lubricants agent to get a custom offer for Mobil hydraulic oils, adapted to your needs.