How to protect your commercial vehicle engine during winter

How to protect your commercial vehicle engine during winter

It’s no secret that the cold season comes with great challenges for commercial vehicle users. Aside from this aspect, the very cold fronts that reached our country lately (bringing temperatures of -10° C and abundant snowing) have increased these challenges.

Just so we don’t confuse you with problems that bring loss caused by the impossibility of using the vehicle you own, please find below a few useful advice on protecting your commercial vehicles’ engines during winter.

How do below 0 temperatures affect the engine of commercial vehicles?

The engines of commercial vehicles are more prone to wear especially in cases of startup at negative temperatures. When the lubricant starts to flow inside the engine, its viscosity is an extremely important factor that will determine if the engine will be protected from the very first seconds.

Using an oil that is too thick, during low temperatures, will not instantly protect the engine parts and will lead to higher risk of wear.

Even though most of the Mobil lubricants for commercial vehicles meet the requirements of manufacturers concerning cold startups, we recommend that you always check the specifics in the car’s instruction manual, so that the lubricant choice is made respecting these.

Also, use a product with stable characteristics like the new Mobil Delvac 1 LE 5W-30 formula that was created to offer protection to the engine even in the case of startup at below 0 temperatures.

It is believed that before hitting the road the engine should be warmed up by racing it in neutral. Even so, it is not recommended that this action is taken for a longer period of time because it will reduce the engine lifespan and at the same time will increase fuel consumption.

Thus, the ideal solution is using a lubricant that maintains its protection properties no matter the temperature outside.

How do you protect the transmission during winter?

Once the temperatures decrease, the same viscosity thickening phenomenon can appear in the drive train as well. By using a proper lubricant like Mobilube 1 SHC 75W-90, you will protect the commercial vehicle transmission even when the temperatures are many degrees below 0.

This is possible because Mobilube 1 SHC will maintain its viscosity even at negative temperatures. Thus, you will protect your equipment from wear and at the same time changing gears will be easier during winter time consumption.

Check the oil before startup

During the cold season, the number 1 advice for commercial vehicle operators is to check their oil level constantly. Before every startup in an environment of negative temperatures, the operator must make sure that the enfine oil is fluid enough to be able to flow inside the mechanism. Check it constantly by using the method best suited for your car, as indicated in the instructions book.

Follow the advice above and this winter will not bring additional cost with your commercial vehicle fleet. Click the image below and contact a Star Lubricants agent who can help you choose a proper lubricant to protect you commercial vehicles during winter time.